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Choices Markets: Buying BC Local Produce and Products

Choices Markets is a BC owned and operated grocer focused on delivering high quality, organic, natural, and specialty foods. I wanted to challenge myself to purchase only BC grown produce and products made in BC. Since my local farmers market [...]

October 2, 2017 product, Specialty Shop

5 Smart Snacks to Munch on During the Day

Changing lifestyles are redefining the way that we eat. Sometimes at work, having lots of meetings and large projects makes taking a lunch break pretty difficult. 40% of Canadians use snacks as meal replacements throughout the day instead of having [...]

October 1, 2017 product

TWG Tea: Mid-Autumn Tea Service

Mid Autumn Festival is upon us on October 6th, 2017 and I absolutely love spending the time with family and friends. One iconic treat from this festival are the mooncakes. This year, TWG Tea narrates the story of the constellation with [...]

September 27, 2017 Cafe, Downtown, High Tea, product

Easy Baked Dilly Salmon

I love simple meals since I usually am strapped for time after work. Litehouse had a super simple recipe for salmon using their Dilly of a Dip. I always saw it as just a dip for veggies, but I was [...]

September 23, 2017 product, Recipes, seafood

7 Eleven: Wasabi Potato Chips

7 Eleven in Japan has Wasabi Potato Chips and my parents brought me back a bag while they were on vacation. What I find so interesting about the perception of 7 Eleven in Canada and Japan is so different. I [...]

September 21, 2017 product

Doritos: Sonic Sour Cream Review

Doritos has brought back the Sonic Sour Cream flavour for a limited time in it’s retro packaging. This flavour was discontinued many years ago and many fans are excited for it’s return. My husband was at the grocery store and [...]

September 19, 2017 product

Lays: Sizzlin’ Szechuan Review

Lay’s Canada introduced 2 new flavours of chips and one of them is the Sizzlin’ Szechuan. It comes in Family-size and nothing smaller. The flavour is inspired by the savoury flavours from the aromatic Chinese dish with crispy Lay’s potato chips. [...]

September 15, 2017 product

Lay’s: Paprika & Sweet Onion Review

Lay’s Canada introduced 2 new flavours of chips and one of them is the Paprika & Sweet Onion. It comes in Family-size and nothing smaller. The flavour is inspired by two iconic kitchen staples in the spice cabinet and transform [...]

September 14, 2017 product

Lays: Bacon Wrapped Jalapeño Popper Review

The Bacon Wrapped Jalapeño Popper flavour Lays chip didn’t make it to the finals of the Lay’s Do Us A Flavour this year in America, but they released the flavour as a Wal-Mart exclusive. Essentially, that means they were 4th [...]

September 1, 2017 product

Lays: Crispy Taco, Everything Bagel, and Fried Green Tomato

Lay’s has their Do Us A Flavour contest and this year they have chosen Crispy Taco, Everything Bagel and Fried Green Tomato as their finalists. While I was in Seattle, I made sure I bought one of each flavour to [...]

August 27, 2017 product

Classic Canadian BBQ with a Twist from President’s Choice

Over the Canada Day long weekend, I made it a mission to test out the new BBQ grill and enjoy time with my dear friends. The essential ingredient is food. President’s Choice came out with a few awesome items for their [...]

July 6, 2017 British Columbia, product

Canadian-inspired Recipes for your Summer BBQ with President’s Choice

Canada Day is almost upon us and since the sesquicentennial anniversary of Canadian Confederation is upon us, there is lots to do around town. For those who are not ready to brave the crowds around town, you can celebrate the [...]

June 28, 2017 British Columbia, product

Dietary Restrictions Made Easy with Presidents Choice

With the amount of food sensitivities on the rise, how do you put together a meal to cater to friends and family members with gluten or dairy sensitivities? President’s Choice is dedicated to making entertaining easy for everyone, by offering simple [...]

June 20, 2017 British Columbia, product

Takis in Canada: Review

I was grocery shopping and I saw Takis at my local Safeway in Vancouver. We saw it at the end of the aisle near the milk section. It wasn’t even in the chip and snack aisle. I am so excited [...]

June 19, 2017 British Columbia, product

Doritos HeatWave: BBQ and then Heat

Doritos HeatWave is a new limited edition chip that is now in grocery stores across the country. What I find interesting about the chip is that it starts of with a bold BBQ flavour and then the heat kicks in [...]

June 2, 2017 product

Monplaisir Macaron: French Macarons from Calgary

A week ago, Roman and I attended the Monplaisir Macaron Sampling held at the Best Western Plus Chateau Granville Hotel. We met Jean-Marc Mons and his wife, Elizabeth, who were in town to get the word out about their French [...]

May 23, 2017 Alberta, British Columbia, product

Handfuel: A Snack that’s Fuel in Your Hands

Handfuel is a Toronto based company founded in 2015. They focus creating flavourful and nutritious products for health conscious consumers across Canada. They currently have a line of trail mix with 4 types: Almonds Antioxidizer Energizer Vitalizer Each one has their [...]

May 19, 2017 product

Krave Gourmet Jerky: Krave Sticks

Krave Gourmet Jerky just launched their brand new Krave Sticks in 3 different flavours: Sesame Garlic Beef Sticks with Sweet Potato Spicy Red Pepper Pork Sticks with Black Bean Rosemary Lemon Turkey Stick with White Beans We received 2 kinds in the [...]

May 17, 2017 product