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M&M’s New Arrivals: Thai Coconut, Mexican Jalapeño, and English Toffee

M&Ms has just launched 3 new flavours – Thai Coconut, Mexican Jalapeño, and English Toffee in grocery stores. They want you to vote on the next flavour to join the M&M’s candies family. All 3 flavours have the peanut centre, [...]

April 20, 2019 product

Kokoro Care Packages: Review

Kokoro Care Packages are hand-crafted monthly and seasonal Care Packages filled with premium-quality Japanese foods delivered straight from Japan to your door. I’ve seen a lot of subscription boxes with candy or ramen, but this one was different as they [...]

April 16, 2019 product

Quick and Easy Frozen Yogurt Station at Home

If you’re at home hosting a few people over or even just having a fun evening with the kids, why not get creative in the kitchen and make your own frozen yogurt at home? Some high power blenders like the [...]

April 13, 2019 Dessert, product, Recipes, Tech

Hershey’s Gold: Taste Test

Hershey’s just released a new candy bar to their existing line up – Hershey’s Gold. It is a caramelized crème candy with peanuts and pretzels for a salty and sweet treat. I love trying out new candy bars on the [...]

April 7, 2019 product

Saving Time in the Kitchen by Making Soups and Smoothies in a blender

Being a new mom, having time to prepare and eat nutritious meals has been a challenge as taking care of Baby E has us always on our toes. A lot of families with new borns just don’t have the energy [...]

April 2, 2019 Recipes, Small Appliances, Tech

Emperor Love: Instant Tea Latte Review

Emperor Love is a premium tea brand from Taiwan since 1950 starting as a family owned and operated business. They pride themselves by using the finest tea to bring the quality brews and offers a fresh perspective of the modern [...]

March 20, 2019 product

Flamin’ Hot Nacho Doritos: Review

Flamin’ Hot Doritos has finally made its way up to Canada at most major grocery stores. This takes the Doritos that we know and love with an extra added kick of Flamin’ Hot seasoning. We know this flavour all too [...]

March 15, 2019 product

MudLrk Shiitake Mushroom Chips: Review

MudLrk was founded in 2018 with a desire to eat more plant based foods like mushrooms. With the environment, design and food innovation – Shiitake Mushroom Chips was born by founder Trace Ostergren. Shiitake mushrooms are no stranger to Asian [...]

March 9, 2019 product

Taihodien Restaurant Spicy Dry Noodle: Review

We love instant noodles and Taipei’s Taihodien Restaurant has come out with a spicy dry noodle that you can make at home. Taihodien Restaurant is popular for their numbing spice – mala hot pot soup base. I love a good [...]

March 6, 2019 product

Chimp Chips: Banana Chips from Thailand Review

Chimp Chips are a snack alternative to potato chips and they are imported from Thailand. They come in 4 flavours: Original, BBQ, Paprika, and Tom Yum and can be found at some specialty stores. They start the Chimp Chips with [...]

February 27, 2019 product

KitKat Chinese New Year Assorted Gift Box: Review

I love holidays as that means limited edition chocolates come out. As Chinese New Year is nearing soon, I saw these at my local grocery store so I bought a box to share. It’s not very large as it only [...]

January 31, 2019 product

Aussie Bao: Premium Canned Abalone in Hong Kong

With Chinese New Year coming up soon, there will be lots of delicious meals cooked at home. One seafood that is bound to make an appearance is abalone. Abalone (Bau Yu) is a prized sea snail, which is a delicacy [...]

January 29, 2019 product

Lunar New Year Gifts: Sugarfina

Lunar New Year is almost upon us on February 5th, 2019 and my family is sure to celebrate The Year of the Pig in a big way. If you’re visiting friends, family, or relatives, make sure to have a gift [...]

January 27, 2019 product

Nespresso Limited Edition Café Istanbul and Caffè Venezia Capsules Review

Nespresso just launched new Limited Edition coffees – Café Istanbul and Caffè Venezia, which are now available on both Original and Vertuo Nespresso machines. These coffees are inspired by the world’s very first coffee houses in Venice and Istanbul. Café [...]

January 24, 2019 product

truLOCAL: Sustainable Meat Delivered to Your Door

truLOCAL is a monthly meat delivery service in Ontario, Alberta and British Columbia. Buying the best local products from farmers and butchers doesn’t have to be hard, but it can be if you don’t know which places to go to [...]

January 2, 2019 British Columbia, Delivery, product

Search & Rescue Apron Co: Premium Custom Aprons in Vancouver

Search and Rescue Apron Company is located on Granville Island in Vancouver and they specialize in luxury aprons that can be customized and full of style for yourself, gifts and those in different professions. I’ve seen chef’s, bartenders, hair stylists, [...]

December 31, 2018 British Columbia, product

KitKat Senses Collection: Review

KitKat Senses Collection was released this holiday season containing 3 different types of small KitKats – Truffle, Hazelnut and Salted Caramel. There are a few different variations of their KitKat Senses line up like a box with just the Hazelnut [...]

December 25, 2018 product

The Macallan Double Cask 12 Years Old Paired with Meat and Cheese

The Macallan Double Cask 12 Years Old is a great gift this holiday. It is available at all government-owned liquor stores across Canada for a pretty affordable price of under $100. The price will fluctuate from province to province, but [...]

December 24, 2018 Alberta, British Columbia, Ontario, product, Quebec, Saskatchewan