The Cutest Buns at T&T for Hinamatsuri Festival

Diana Chan March 5, 2011 Food for Thought

My mom came back from T&T with these really really cute buns! Instead of the plain old boring round buns, they have them shaped as pumpkins and rabbits. She told me it was for some festival. I had no idea what festival just passed, but it turns out on March 3rd, it was the Hina Matsuri Festival in Japan.

It can either be referred to Girl’s Day or Doll Festival. To celebrate this festival, families display a set of dolls in 7 tiers to protect against bad spirits.

On Hina Matsuri, people tend to consume Sake (Japanese Fermented Rice), as well as eat sweets, rice cakes, mochi and soup.

I assume T&T made all these cute buns for this holiday because there are not other holidays in asia in early March that people would consume these sweet buns.

These buns are located at T&T till the end of this weekend. They have several cute other buns as well with many many flavours.

The Pumpkin bun looks exactly like a pumpkin!! If you can probably tell, the filling is a sweet pumpkin filling.

The little white bunny has a red bean filling inside. They also have other variations such as black sesame as well…but my sister gobbled that up rather quickly.

If you want to try out these cute buns, go down to your local T&T Supermarket and pick some up!

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