Suntory Clear milk tea and lemon tea

Diana Chan April 12, 2018 product

Suntory released their line of Premium Morning Tea in Japan and has gotten a lot of people wondering how they were able to turn milk tea and lemon tea clear.

I found these at Konbinya, a Japanese grocery store in Vancouver. These bottles did not have any English translation for the ingredients, so I had a few friends translate so we weren’t just ingesting chemicals. It seems to have a lot of different types of sugar.

Milk Black Tea

As our mind were messing with us, we decided to close our eyes to get a better sense of how this tastes. Upon the first few sips, it really strangely did taste like milk tea. The aroma of the assam tea leaves used in this drink was subtle as it was overpowered by the taste of sugar. It was like sugar water. I tested this with a few people in the office and no one liked it.

It sure if fun giving this a try, but you won’t be grabbing for a second bottle.

Lemon Tea

Suntory launched the clear milk tea first. As they were developing the product, they worked to address concerns from customers who felt the appearance of flavoured water looked like juice and seemed too child-like as it sat on their desk. Thus, this clear lemon tea was born.

I preferred this taste over the milk tea as the acidity of the citrus taste paired better with the sugar. It is made with Lipton tea leaves.

Overall, it was fun to try, but no one would repurchase these to drink.


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