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Diana Chan August 21, 2018 product

Did you know it’s finally ok to eat candy for breakfast? Sugarfina just launched a new collection of candy and chocolate bars that will make you feel less guilty of eating candy in the morning.

These chocolate bars and candies are inspired by favourite childhood breakfasts like Marshmallow Cereal Chocolate Bars, Cinnamon Cereal Chocolate bars, Fruity Loops, Cinnamon Crunchies and Gummy Eggs. They are sure to give you some nostalgia.

The Chocolate Bars

Their 3 chocolate bars are stunning and you can see right through the packaging and into the beautiful colourful bars. The flavours are:

  • Marshmallow Cereal Chocolate Bar
  • Fruity Cereal Chocolate Bar
  • Cinnamon Cereal Chocolate Bar

Cinnamon Cereal Chocolate Bar

This bar is made with a base of White chocolate topped with Cinnamon Cereal. When you bite into it, reminders of Cinnamon Toast Crunch brings back memories of this classic cereal. It was a surprising flavour that we enjoyed in a chocolate bar format.

Fruity Cereal Chocolate Bar

This bar has a pale pink chocolate topped with fruity cereal and rainbow sprinkles. I remember spending countless hours turning these fruit loops into delicious necklaces during craft time. The colours are bright and vibrant which makes are a great gift.

Marshmallow Cereal Chocolate Bar

This last chocolate bar has pastel chocolate topped with marshmallow cereal and rainbow sprinkles. I think this was everyone’s favourite cereal pumped full of sugar since everyone would want to eat the marshmallow pieces. Ah, those Lucky Charms bring out the sweet tooth.

Boxed Candies

There are 3 new boxes candies that will entice your tastebuds if you aren’t into chocolate bars.

  • Fruity Loops
  • Cinnamon Crunchies
  • Gummy Eggs

Fruity Loops

These Fruity Loops have a crispy cereal center covered in creamy milk chocolate, then dipped in a fruity candy shell. These are a great size to share with others are the flavours are on point and not too sweet.

Cinnamon Crunchies

The cinnamon toast centre is dipped in creamy milk chocolate and covered in a crisp candy shell. You don’t have to add milk to this sweet treat. Similar to the chocolate bar, it was another surprising flavour that wow’d our taste buds.

Gummy Eggs

My favourite item out of them all because I have a secret obsession with orange juice. They are cute and shaped like eggs. Even though it doesn’t taste like eggs, the orange juice flavour just shines through.

Final Thoughts

These 6 new items really make eating candy for breakfast a breeze and without judgement. All the items are fun and colourful. Of all the items, the cinnamon flavoured candies were the most surprising.

They all make for great gifts too.


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