M&M’s New Arrivals: Thai Coconut, Mexican Jalapeño, and English Toffee

Diana Chan April 20, 2019 product

M&Ms has just launched 3 new flavours – Thai Coconut, Mexican Jalapeño, and English Toffee in grocery stores. They want you to vote on the next flavour to join the M&M’s candies family. All 3 flavours have the peanut centre, so remember that just in case you have peanut allergies.

Between April 22nd and June 29th, you can let them know your favourite flavour by going to or on Instagram or Twitter using #VoteMexicanJalapeño, #VoteEnglishToffee, or #VoteThaiCoconut. The incentive? There are weekly prizes to be won as well as 3 Grand Prizes of $7,500 towards a trip to Thailand, Mexico, and/or England. Not a bad prize at all.

We were sent a bag of each flavour to give it a taste test.

Thai Coconut

The flavours of a Thai Coconut in an M&M was interesting and it really did have the essence of coconut and basil. Of the 3, this was my favourite as the flavour was distinct and unique.

Mexican Jalapeño

This flavour got me very curious since how can you mix Jalapeño and M&M’s together? But they did! It has the acidity from a Jalapeño and comes with a kick of spice, which is very surprising. My husband loved this flavour.

English Toffee

English Toffee M&M’s are different shades of brown to yellow to really capture the visual of the flavour. When we opened the bag, we could really smell the English toffee. As we bit into each one, we were surprised by the sweetness of the English Toffee taste and then the texture and taste of the peanut centre.

This seems like a safe flavour to us compared to the other 2.

Did you give these 3 flavours a try yet? If you did, don’t forget to vote for your favourite.

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