Lay’s Kettle Cooked Greektown Gyro Chips Review

Diana Chan September 11, 2015 product


Earlier in 2015, Lay’s America asked fans to submit regionally-inspired flavours. They got some wacky flavour submissions, but there are only 4 finalists:

  • West Coast Truffle Fries
  • Southern Biscuits and Gravy
  • New York Reuben
  • Greektown Gyro

They need your vote to win the $1 million grand prize.

Since I’m Canadian, I was intrigued by these flavours since we don’t have them in Canada. We have a separate contest. You can check out the Canadian versions here.


James Wagner is the creator of the Greektown Gyro Chip from Wichita Falls, Texas. He got the inspiration from a great little Greek place in his town that makes the amazing gyros.

The Greektown Gyro is on the Kettle cooked Lays chips so it is crunchier and slightly thicker than the regular chip.

At first taste, there was a creamy tang flavour like tzatziki and cheese. If I was blind folded, I probably wouldn’t be able to guess it was a gyro.

If you like Greektown Gyro, give them a vote on the site.


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