Lay’s Canada: StrEATS of the World

Diana Chan August 13, 2018 product

Lay’s Canada has introduced a line of limited edition chips –  StrEATS of the World featuring Grilled Cheese, Pizza and Taco flavours. I found these at my local grocery store, but only in the smaller 66g snack size bags. They are available now until October, so get them quick before its gone.

The 3 flavours seemed very typical as other chip companies have tried these flavours before. Either way, new limited edition flavours are still fun to try.

Grilled Cheese

Apparently, this is an ‘iconic’ street food of Canada served with a side of tomato dip. I don’t think so, but that’s what they decided to create. When you open up the bag, you can smell a smokey cheese aroma, but the ketchup isn’t really there.

Back in 2013, Lay’s Canada launched the Do Us a Flavour contest and Grilled Cheese and Ketchup was one of the finalists. I believe the tastes are different even though the description is similar.


The pizza was fragrant and you can really taste the tomato and oregano. Of the 3 this was my favourite as it was the most similar to the real thing.


I had high hopes for this flavour but I tasted a subtle hints of tex mex seasoning with stronger notes of lettuce. It was weird and this was my least favourite of them.

Lays USA launched a similar version in 2017 called Crispy Taco, but the flavours are also different with mostly tex mex seasoning.

Final Thoughts

The 3 flavours were interesting, but of the three, only the pizza was good in my opinion. All the other ones just weren’t appetizing or close enough to the real thing. It’s definitely hard to replicate flavours into a chip format.


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