Konbinya: DragonBall Z Coffee, Kirby Candy & Noodles

Diana Chan February 22, 2012 Food for Thought, product

Konbinya is this specialty store on Robson Street that sells a bunch of Japanese products. They have lots of drinks, candy, and other stuff. I love this place to find some unique snacks.

Since M was feeling a bit sick, I decided to pick him up a few things to cheer him up. Then I took everything back to take pictures hahaha.

DragonBall Pokka Coffee ($2 each) was something that I had to get! If you grew up watching DragonBall, you know this is something you need to get. M loved the taste of the coffee and liked how it was stronger than most canned coffees.

Kirby Fruity Gum was bought by accident. Since I can’t read Japanese, I thought it was little sour candies, but it turns out that its gum. M really didn’t like it.

Remember this noodle guy? They make them in little tablet form. It still tastes the same but it a different shape. It definitely has less noodles, but I thought the packaging was cool.

I thought I found some cool stuff at Konbinya. I also come here when I get bored too. Some items can be a bit expensive.

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  1. Ben March 15, 2012 at 10:23 pm

    Ahhh I knew I missed some.. must head down there to get the rest of the cans<3

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