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Diana Chan April 16, 2019 product

Kokoro Care Packages are hand-crafted monthly and seasonal Care Packages filled with premium-quality Japanese foods delivered straight from Japan to your door. I’ve seen a lot of subscription boxes with candy or ramen, but this one was different as they give you items to snack on or craft a meal out of.

About Kokoro Care Packages

Each item in the box like snacks, spices, soups, teas, and other items are carefully selected for its quality, ease of use and taste. They go out of their way to choose items free from additives and chemicals. The owners work closely with local producers who share their values and are passionate about the foods they create.

All products are made in Japan and they provide all the English translations so you can easily enjoy all the wonderful foods and learn about the stories behind each item. They currently ship to over 35 countries worldwide.

The Care Packages are available in two options: a monthly Nourishing Essentials Care Package and a quarterly Seasonal Delights Care Package. One time gift purchases are also available. Inside each Care Package you’ll discover:

  • 5+ premium-quality Japanese foods that have been carefully selected for their purity, flavor and benefits.
  • Easy to enjoy snacks, spices, sauces, soups, teas and more.
  • English translations of the ingredients and nutritional information.
  • Reasons why they chose the product and why you’ll love it!

Promo Code

Kokoro Care Packages is also offering Foodology readers a 10% discount on your first order from a subscription purchase. Use the code: FOODOLOGY_10. The code expires at the end of April 2019 and is limited to one use per customer.

March 2016 Care Package

I received the March 2019 care package with the following items:

  • Indigo Blue Tea
  • Organic Girl’s Day Rice Snack
  • Liquid Organic Ume Paste
  • Nori Paste
  • DIY Hegi Rice Cake

I was excited to give each item a try in this box and helped me get back in the cooking mood after a little hiatus from cooking since giving birth to my daughter.

Indigo Blue Tea

This tea is made with butterfly pea flower, so when you steep it, it turns bright blue. When you introduce the tea with an acid like lemon, it magically turns purple. It’s quite magical. The tea barely has any taste, but it was so fun making layered drinks with it.

You can drink it straight or make layered drinks because the combinations are endless. A tip to get the layered effect is to make sure there is more sugar content on the bottom layers. For example, I put lemonade on the bottom and then topped it with the Indigo Blue Tea.

Organic Girl’s Day Rice Snack

You can eat this right out of the package and enjoy. Some are sugar coated and some pieces aren’t, so it’s like an assorted rice snack.

Liquid Organic Ume Paste

This was our favourite items since it’s so versatile. You can turn it into a salad dressing, or add it onto chicken shiso skewers like I did to give it a nice contrasting tangy ume flavour.

Nori Paste

Nori is seaweed and you can put this paste on mostly anything. It’s usually eaten with rice in Japan, but no rules at all. Love the umami taste of it.

DIY Hegi Rice Cake

This was an interesting idea to make your own rice cakes. At first it doesn’t look like much but once you pop it into the microwave, they really do transform silently.

Final Thoughts

I thought it was a solid subscription box and it took me about a month to slowly try everything. I personally wasn’t a fan of the rice cake items, but I really loved the tea, ume paste, and nori paste as I could do quite a bit with them. Whether you get a Kokoro Care Package for yourself or for others as a gift, it’s definitely unique.


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