Hardbite: Eat Your Parsnip Chips

Diana Chan August 22, 2015 product


Hardbite is a Canadian company that make amazing chips. If you haven’t hard their regular chips, you really have to.

They have introduced a line of ‘root’ chips that uses other vegetables besides potatoes. With ‘Eat Your Parsnip’ chips, they went with the cream-colored, carrot looking vegetable. It is also made of non-hydrogenated sunflower oil and/or non-hydrogenated canola oil, and sea salt. 3 ingredients, that’s it.

M went to the grocery store to grab me these chips and he knows I like to try cool products. A week earlier he got me Hardbite’s ‘18 carrot gold‘ chips.


The chips were super crunchy and reminded me of the carrot chips, probably because of the oil they use. Good flavour and has a subtle sweet taste to it.

I thought the shapes were so awesome because it’s essentially the cross-section of the parsnip.


Another great addition to the Hardbite line up of chips.


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