Cathay Pacific: Beverages and Meals from South Korea to Hong Kong

Diana Chan September 3, 2012 Airplane Meals, Hong Kong, South Korea

It was finally time to leave Seoul after 5 good days of enjoying this beautiful place. Time to head back to Hong Kong and eat more. hahaha. It only takes 3 hours to get to Hong Kong and Cathay Pacific offers you one meal and some beverage service. My flight was around 5pm.

I don’t know the model of this plane, but the plane did look a bit old and was definitely different from the plane that I arrived in Korea on.

They provided us a pack of peanuts and a beverage of our choice. I saved the pack of peanuts for my little sister since I know she loves plane snacks.

The meal was also crappier compared to the other meal I had with Cathay Pacific. I was waiting for the ice cream to arrive, but it never did. We got our choice on entree, fruit, bread and another beverage.

I got the chicken with rice. It was ok, but not my favorite airplane meal. There really wasn’t anything special about this particular meal.

I guess with airplane food, you can’t expect what you’ll get. How was your experience with Cathay Pacific in terms of food?

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  1. Cheryl September 3, 2012 at 10:26 am

    Cathay has always been better than Air Canada by far! In terms of service and food!
    The last time I was in Cathay, the food was not too bad going to Singapore, but heading back it was not so great..but still better than AC.

    But the best airline food is Korean Air!!! Love love love!!
    Service and food 10/10!

    • DesignGirl September 4, 2012 at 12:30 am

      I’ve heard really good things about Korean Air too! Perhaps I should take that next time.

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