Food Network Canada’s Recipe to Riches: Butter Chicken Lasagna

Diana Chan December 5, 2012 Food for Thought, product

On the 5th episode of Food Network Canada’s Recipe to Riches, Rick Matharu won the entrees category with his butter chicken lasagna creation. It was a very close competition, but Rick’s unique recipe and personality shined through to win the prize.

Rick Matharu is a proud Canadian of Indian descent with a friendly smile and a velvety smooth voice. He’s a local Punjabi radio personality who is enthusiastic about food, photography, and the fine art of spinning tunes. Over the years, Rick has also become something of a master of fusion cooking – a skill he picked up as a schoolboy from his mom, who would always put an unexpected Punjabi twist on little Ricky’s lunches.

When my mom went to the store to buy a few Recipe to Riches items, she was very very excited  since she thought it was very creative. It retails for $7.99 and can be found at any Loblaws stores or places that sell Presidents Choice products.

You stick it in the oven with the plastic cover on, just pop some holes through it so steam can escape. Later on, you can peel off the entire sheet so the top can brown nicely.

The butter chicken lasagna is made of tandoori-spiced chicken in a savoury sauce made with garam masala, sautéed red onions, green peppers and mushrooms. It is a bit spicy, so little kids may not enjoy it. It has a medium amount of spice, but it blends nicely.

The recipe is on their website here.

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