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Diana Chan October 8, 2013 Airplane Meals


A week in Chicago has come to an end. Amazing architecture and great food was all enjoyed. A good getaway from Vancouver.

I’m pretty cheap, so as usual, I take WestJet to travel across North America. There’s nothing special about them, but they have good prices and keep it simple. I’ve never really had a problem with any of my flights.


Before heading on the plane, I grabbed a few bags of Garrett Popcorn as souvenirs for back home. The most popular item is the Chicago Mix which has half caramel popcorn and cheese popcorn.

Everyone I got the popcorn enjoyed it. I actually liked the caramel popcorn more than the cheese popcorn. If it was just me, I would just get a bag of the caramel. But, if you’re in Chicago, might as well get the Chicago mix right?

You can order online from their website because they now ship to Canada.  Wooot.


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The take off, waiting for the washroom, and the landing are always the worst part of flying, but when the little food carts pass by, you know they’ve got your attention.


You don’t really get meals on the flights, but you can order some if you like. They have these menus in the front pocket of your seat.


Junkfood, drinks and sandwiches. If you’re hungry, the prices are quite fair, but you know it won’t be particularly good.

I usually just bring my own snacks onto the flight, so I never order anything.


This time around they gave out Macho cheese corn stick, some biscuits and a  beverage. I also got tomato juice.


One the second round, there was more Nacho Cheese Corn snack, cookies, and then I got some coke.

It was a short plane ride, so these snack were just he right amount.


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