Top Shanghai Cuisine 上海一只鼎: Shanghai Cuisine in Richmond

Diana Chan March 21, 2015 Dim Sum, Richmond, Shanghai, Three Beakers


Top Shanghai Cuisine Restaurant is in Richmond and we came here for a morning Shanghainese meal. We came right when it opened. Within 30 minutes this restaurant was packed and there was a line forming.

In 2013, they won best Dim Sum restaurant from the Chinese Restaurant Awards.


All around the dining room are lots of pictures of their dishes. It makes you even more hungry when waiting for dishes to arrive.


Salty Soy Milk is one of my favourite dishes to order at a Shanghai Restaurant. It’s a savoury soup with tofu puffs, green onions, tiny shrimp, and a tad of chili oil.


Chinese Donut is a long golden brown donut.Except it’s not sweet at all. It is salted and eaten during breakfast with congee or soymilk.


Wontons with Chili Sauce is another one of my favourites. It has a bunch of boiled wonton and then slathered with chili oil mixture on top.


Xiao Long Bao or steamed pork dumpling comes with 6 pieces per order. The skin is thin and there’s lots of hot soup inside with the tender pork. Eating these are fun because you must not pop the skin or else the soup will ooze out. The way I eat these are just putting it on my spoon, bite a tiny hole into the XLB and sip the soup inside. Then I can devour the rest.

I’m pretty sure everyone orders this! It’s what they are known for.


Pan-fried Pork Buns has 6 per order, the one that arrived for us combined both orders. The bun is much thicker that the Xiao Long Bao, but has similar soup and pork inside. Another top selling item from this restaurant.


Fried Fish in Seaweed Batter was surprisingly very delicious and addictive! It’s very aromatic and pairs so well. The look may not be very appealing, but you gotta order this if you have a large group.


Spring Rolls is a weird thing to see on the menu as it is a Shanghainese restaurant. The spring rolls were pretty average but nothing about it stood out.


Shanghai Pan Fried Noodles had a good amount of vegetables and the sauce tasted great.


Sticky Rice Rolls were wrapped up in plastic wrap and then portioned out. I  have never seen it in a restaurant like this. You can eat everything but the plastic wrap. I think they kept it on as it makes it easier to eat without the rice sticking to your hands.


Inside the rice rolls is pickled veggies, Chinese donut and pork floss. Pretty standard fillings. I found this to be rather bland and boring.


Deep Fried Pastries with Daikon was something I haven’t seen before. A deep-fried bun with lots of shredded daikon inside.


Beef Brisket Noodle Soup is a bit hard to share with a big group unless you have awesome chopstick skills. It was really good and the beef brisket had a good depth of flavour.


Overall, the food here is good, but still not the best. My favourite Shanghainese place is still Long’s Noodle House on Main Street.

We Rate Top Shanghai Cuisine:

8100 Ackroyd Rd #120
Richmond, BC V6X 3K2


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