Tim Hortons: Real Fruit Smoothies

Diana Chan March 27, 2011 Fast Food

Since Tim Hortons is located at all of the SFU campuses, it was not hard to miss the promotion on their smoothies. Tim Hortons just released their new Real Fruit Smoothies with a full serving of fruit. It comes in 2 flavours – Strawberry Banana or our Mixed Berry.

I always see people buying it and I honestly thought it would be a very disgusting drink. I talked to a lot of people and they said it tasted great.

M got me the Mixed berry smoothie with yogurt. You can pay a little bit more to add yogurt so it tasted a bit more creamier. The berries that are in this drink are – strawberries, blackberries, blueberries and raspberries.

It was a good drink, you can taste the yogurt and the berries blending together nicely. The texture was also good and was not icy like their Iced Cap.

Tim Hortons finally has a drink that is decently healthy! I would probably get this again if I wanted a non caffeinated beverage!
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