Teppan Edo: Japanese Teppanyaki in Epcot

Diana Chan June 7, 2016 Epcot, Japanese


Right after we got out of the airport and checked into the Disney Resort, we made our way to Epcot to catch our dinner reservations at Teppan Edo. We had a little time to kill, so we walked around Japan Town to check out their large souvenir store. Their store has pretty cool stuff from Sailormoon to Dragon Ball Z figurines.


Teppan Edo and Tokyo Dining are both located in this large building. Teppan Edo on the left and Tokyo Dining on the right.


Teppan Edo is known for an interactive dining experience where an Teppanyaki chef comes out and cooks on a hot grill right in front of your table.


We made reservations weeks ago in advance via our travel agent.


With reservations, I found that you get seated promptly at your reservation time. All the staff were nice and friendly.


Ichigo is a non-alcoholic cocktail with strawberries, pineapple juice, and lemon juice. Nice and refreshing for a hot Summer in Orlando.


Shochu cocktail with fresh grape fruit. It comes with half a grapefruit, which you need to squeeze out all the pulp and juices.


Then you pour it into your glass. M did enjoy it.


Seating is communal and you are all seated at the same time. Each table sites 8 people. We sat with people from California, Florida and Brazil, which was pretty cool.

We both ordered entrees and it is served with a garden salad, udon noodles, vegetables, and sukiyaki beef rice. We were on the Disney Dining Plan, so we knew to order the 2 most expensive items on the menu to make it worth it.


First the garden salad arrives with a tomato, cucumber, greens and a lot of sauce. It’s basically drowning in all that sauce buried below.


The chef then does a few tricks on the grill to get the show started. The person that we got wasn’t very good, he accidentally tossed a spatula towards a guest and dropped his utensils.  It kinda started the dinner off on a bad note as no one really looked too impressed. The other chef at the table across from us had no issues at all.


At least he made us a volcano with steam before he began mixing the veggies with udon.



The udon has a pretty good portion for each person. It was very salty. I think he added too much soy sauce to it. We did finish it, but we were in dire need of more water.


We got the Filet Mignon ($34) and Julienne Beef ($32). Both nice cuts of beef. Expensive, but with the dining plan, it was worth it.


We got the Filet Mignon cooked to medium rare. You really can’t go wrong with a filet mignon as it is already so tender.


Julienne beef was good too but I felt it was a bit heavy handed on the salt.


To go with the beef, the sukiyaki rice bowl arrives. It was ok as well.


Vanilla-Green Tea Swirl Soft Serve Ice Cream ($4.95) came in a good sized bowl, but we were so full that it was very hard to finish.


Green Tea Mousse Cake has layers of green tea sponge cake with green tea mousse and whipped cream. Was light in green tea flavour, but it was sweet to balance out the natural bitterness of the tea.


Overall, the food was quite salty from the soy sauce and excessive salt. The Japanese food here is definitely Americanized and isn’t very authentic. For one dining credit, we got our value out of it, but I wouldn’t return. The experience is definitely dependent on the chef you get. Ours was pretty bad, so the magic fizzled out quite early on in the meal when our chef kept dropping his utensils.

Of all the restaurants we’ve been to at Disney World, Teppan Edo was one of our least favourites.

We Rate Teppan Edo2rating

1780 Ave of the Stars, Orlando, FL
Japan Town, Epcot


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