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Diana Chan August 13, 2016 Chinese, Dim Sum, Richmond, Three Beakers


Sun Sui Wah is a popular dim sum restaurant in Metro Vancouver. They have locations in Vancouver and Richmond. We came to the Richmond location with Chinesebites to check out a few of their popular dim sum items. I’ve never been to this location, so I was excited.


A large enough menu for dim sum. Lots of choices!


The interior is large and can fit quite a lot of people. They also have a few large screens for viewing sports games.


Baked BBQ Pork Pastry is topped with sesame seeds and crisp on top.Comes with 3 pieces, but you can easily cut them into bite-sized pieces to have 6 pieces. Good ratio between the pastry and filling.


Deep Fried Squid doesn’t have that much of a crunchy texture. It was ok, but could have used more seasoning.


Shrimp Rice Roll is another classic item to order. It has 3 rolls and cut into 6 pieces. You will want to drizzle some of the soy sauce over the rice rolls to add more flavour.



Bean curd wraps with fish paste was pretty good. I love bean curds and fish paste. a delicious combination.


Donut Rice Roll has dried pork floss on top and little green onions for colour.


Rice Roll with fish paste is a good version of the classic rice rolls. I actually really liked this.


Beef Rice Roll is another classic. Delicious as usual.


Spring Roll comes with 3 pieces cut in half so it is easily sharable. It has shrimp inside.


Har Gow AKA shrimp dumplings are a staple among Chinese Dim Sum. Most tables would order this. The shrimp inside is soft and has a nice bounce to it. One of my favourite items at any dim sum. It goes well with XO sauce or hot sauce.


Deep-fried glutinous rice dumpling stuffed with pork comes with 3 pieces and was pretty standard.


Daikon Cake with XO Sauce needed a sauce to dip into…perhaps more XO sauce.


Duck webbed feet with taro isn’t for everyone. Some may find it gross and creepy since you’re basically eating its skin.


Stuffed Treasures has 3 pieces of green bell pepper, tofu and eggplant topped with fish paste and black bean sauce.


Steamed BBQ Pork Bun has 3 pieces as well. Comes piping hot and a good a mount of pork filling inside. I would definitely share a piece with a friend since it can be filling.


Tripe with ginger and onion was tender and had a good texture to it. Another item thats not for all.


Beef Tendon in BBQ Sauce was like jelly.


Xiao Long Bao comes 5 to a basket and were ok. Skin thickness was ok too with piping hot soup.


Sui Mai is the classic pork and shrimp dumpling and was average as well. It isn’t too fatty.


Deep Fried Taro with meat filling is crispy on the outside and the meat mixture on the inside is always delicious.


Mini Sticky Rice comes with 3 to an order. Another staple item to order in dim sum.


Halibut Collar has a good amount of spice to it and was a dish I wouldn’t think about ordering for dim sum.


Creamy Egg Yolk Bun comes with 3 pieces and the delicious egg yolks hide inside. Super delicious.


Egg tarts are small, but come with 4 on one plate. You definitely want to eat it right away when its warm. I kinda prefer the smaller egg tarts since you want to save room for other items on the table. I just wanted a small taste of the golden yellow custard.


Overall, a good place to get dim sum in Richmond. You will find the classic dim sum items and a few different items that they specialize in.

We Rate Sun Sui Wah3rated

4920 Number 3 Road, Richmond


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