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Diana Chan December 30, 2011 Downtown, Japanese, Three Beakers

Back to Shizen Ya to try out their dinner combo. I liked their lunch combo and it’s great that they use only organic fresh ingredients. For the health conscious people, it’s good to know there is nothing chemically hidden in your food.

The dinner combo is $14.95 and you get miso soup, sashimi, sunomono and a choice of a main dish. You can choose from beef teriyaki, chicken breast miso teriyaki or their curry.

Prawn Sunomono has boiled tiger prawn, seaweed, cucumber, carrots, brown rice vermicelli with the sweet vinegar sauce. It was unique since it used the brown vermicelli instead of the usual clear ones. It tasted good.

Organic Tofu Miso Soup has organic tofu and vegetables in the organic miso broth. It tasted a bit similar to the other miso soups from other restaurants, but it was a tad less salty.

Assorted Sashimi has 2 pieces each of the wild sockeye salmon and albacore tuna. The sashimi looked fresh and had a good taste.

Japanese Kheema Curry has shredded chicken breast with five kinds of beans curry. It also has brown rice. The curry was bit spicy, but it isn’t too overwhelming. It tasted good as well, but I am not a bean person, so I disliked the taste of beans.

Overall, I thought it was a good combo for dinner since I was super super filled.

Words of Wisdom:

  • Great lunch and dinner combos
  • All brown rice and no white rice
  • Vegetarian and vegan options
  • Limited desserts
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