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Diana Chan December 27, 2010 Four Beakers, Japanese, Robson Street/West End

Sanpachi Ramen is a new ramen joint that opened up downtown.  I’ve been to several ramen places, and none of them really satisfied me. Until now. Thanks to KimHo for her amazing post about this place. Sanpachi Ramen is on Bute and Robson. This place is now my favorite ramen place in Vancouver.

Sanpachi has really nice interior decor and can accomodate more people than some ramen places downtown.

When you walk into the door, you are able to see the workers in the kitchen preparing the noodles. It’s usually quite common for ramen places to openly display their kitchens.

Their menu looked good, lots of pictures to see what exactly you will be getting.

They even have combos, a few side dishes and half order options. One thing that I rather did not like was how a majority of the menu items were “coming soon”. I really wanted the gyoza 🙁

M ordered the Spicy Ramen ($8.95) with a tasty egg ($1).  The broth was delicious! It was spicy and miso base. The dish came with the usual bamboo shoots, chashu, green onions and a slice of fish cake completed the dish.

The additional “yummy egg” was cooked perfectly so the yolk is slightly gooey. I wish I took more pictures of this, but I was preoccupied ogling my own dish 😉

TaiwaneseGirl had the Tonkatsu Ramen ($8.95). When it first arrived at the table, it really didn’t look like what was on the menu. When I think back, I don’t think TaiwaneseGirl ordered seaweed with this.  Despite the look, the tonkatsu base was the best out of the 3 ramens. The broth was nice and rich. If Inception was a bowl of noodles, this would be it. It had so much depth! This also had bamboo shoots, green onions and a slice of fish cake.

TaiwaneseGirl finished her dish leaving no broth behind. Every last drop was gone!

I ordered the Nori Mayo and miso ramen (half order) combo ($8.95). It’s hard for me to finish a full bowl of noodles…or even one pack of instant noodles. So, the combo was the best solution for me.

The nori mayo had mayo/pork mixture on top of rice and wrapped in seaweed. At first I was a bit skeptical because of the look, but it was pretty good. It also came with 3 pieces of pickled radishes.

The miso mayo was good as well. Probably one of the best miso broths I’ve ever had. It also had bamboo shoots, chashu, green onions and a slice of fish cake completed the dish! Even though it was half an order, I was good and full. I have a small appetite but love try a little bit of everything. So this combo worked out well for me.

The hours are usually 11 – midnight, which is not bad at all.

Overall, I loved this place! I know some people may disagree, but Sanpachi Ramen works for me!

Words of Wisdom:

  • Amazing broth
  • Half orders (great for kids, or women with small stomachs)
  • Combo options
  • Street meter parking or Pay parking in the back near London Drugs

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770 Bute Street
Vancouver, BC

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