Sai Woo: Now Serving Weekend Brunch

Jenn Semilla August 9, 2018 Brunch, Chinatown, Fusion

Sai Woo serves casual Asian fusion food in Vancouver Chinatown. Its architectural details and artwork honour the building and area’s history. The original Sai Woo Chop Suey opened in 1925 and was a local favourite for decades, until it closed in 1959. As before, a bright coloured rooster neon sign welcome today’s patrons.

They invited us to try their new brunch menu. Unlike its previous iteration, it veers away from any Western cuisine influences. Instead, it features breakfast flavours from Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese, and the Pacific Islands.


Sai Woo is a beautiful space and the food is always plated with intent. But to be candid, their brunch menu is savoury, filling, and is perfect after a great night partying. If you’re hungover and need something to tide you over, or if you want to keep the party going, they can make both happen.


Here’s what you can expect:

Sai Woo brunch menu includes food and cocktail options.

Sai Woo Style Congee

Sai Woo Style Congee with vegetable medley, fried shallots, with asian herbs. This can be ordered with prawns or pork, as an add-on.

House Made Spam Musubi

First, let’s all pause to agree that everything breakfast tastes better with an egg on top. The House Made Spam Musubi includes toasted nori, pickled vegetables, and fried egg.

House Made Spam Musubi

Chinese Style Omelette has Chinese spiced vegetables, asian slaw, and shaved vegetables.

Steamed Korean Scallion Pancakes

Steamed Korean Scallion Pancakes with braised pork, salsa verde, and fried egg.

Final Thoughts

Sai Woo offers their brunch menu Saturday and Sundays from 11:00am to 3:00pm. Their menu dares to go beyond dim sum and offer flavours different than the typical brunch fare. It’s brunch that can appease both the hungry and the hungover who find themselves in Vancouver Chinatown.

158 E Pender St, Vancouver, BC


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