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Diana Chan January 19, 2011 Chinese, Richmond, Seafood, Three Beakers

The family went to Red Star Seafood Restaurant in Richmond. They are another large Chinese restaurant specializing in Dim Sum for Lunch and large dinners at night.

When we asked if Red Star was affiliated with the Red Star in Tsimshatsui, HK…they said they are not related at all. Apparently, lots of patrons come in asking the same question since the name is the same.

Red Star is located in Presidents Plaza, which is on top of T&T. They are not as elegant as Fortune House in Metrotown, but it’s normal. They have high ceilings, draped curtains and a chandelier in the middle.

We first ordered the watercress soup. This came delivered in a pot and made about 8 bowls. The waiter will soup it out into bowls for you.

They remove all the watercress, meat, dates, and other ingredients into a separate dish for you. They also give you sauce to dip the meat.

This soup was refreshing, but it’s something you can make at home yourself. When the meat came out of the pot, it started drying up really quickly.

The next dish we got was geoduck. At The geoduck was cooked and slices into very thin slices. When the dish arrived, we thought the whole dish was geoduck, but turns out it was bean sprouts in the bottom and that the geoduck was laying on top. This dish also came with a special soy sauce for dipping the geoduck in. It was a pretty good dish. My grandfather said it was good how it was cut so thinly.

Next, we had 2 lobsters. I think we had the lobster sauteed. I’m not exactly sure because I was not paying attention. They prepare the lobster well, so you don’t need to use your hands to crack it open. Tasted good.

For $5 more, you can add noodles to the dish. As you can tell from the picture, there is a layer of noodles under it.

We also ordered 3 bowls of rice.

We also ordered steamed broccoli with crab and egg sauce. We didn’t know what type of vegetable to have with this dish, so the waiter suggested this and it was really really good.

We ordered half a crispy BBQ duck. The duck was really crispy and most on the inside. This is probably one of the best ducks I have had so far. The duck also came with prawn crackers. They also give you soy sauce and salt to add more taste to the duck.

What I love about chinese restaurants is that you get complementary dessert to go with your meal. =)

The Red bean soup had barley and red beans. This was alright, not my favorite dessert since I am not into beans…or anything starchy tasting.

They also give you sesame balls and cookies. These were good, so I ate most of it.

Words of Wisdom:

  • Park in the parkade instead of near T&T. You will get towed at T&T after the time limit…the parkade is not as strict
  • Servers are really friendly and can offer advice on what to order

We rate Red Star Seafood:


#2200 – 8181 Cambie Road
Richmond, BC

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  1. L January 19, 2011 at 4:06 pm

    i usually dont like commenting but once i saw you said “Servers are really friendly”, Its not true at all. I went there for my birthday in oct and their service was bad and all my family friends said their service is bad visiting other times. The worst part was trying to make us leave when we were still trying to finish dessert. We were one of the last tables and it was nearing closing but we did not chose to be last ones, they gave us our table 30 mins away from our booking time. The gave us the bill without us asking then few mins later a guy comes over and says can you pay first so we can calculate. Another few mins late he asks again and starts standing there and stares at us and with another employee. We were already hurrying but that attitude is totally unacceptable. I didnt even get to finish all the dessert including the cake we brought. We’re all young adults but we werent mean to them or giving them the attitude and instead they gave us the attitude. We even ordered expensive food like lobsters and the peking duck and were not being cheap at all. Didnt even bother paying tips except only to the young man who was treating us like customers. I never went back and wont even go to their one on granville.

    • DesignGirl January 19, 2011 at 5:03 pm

      Wow, that is such a horrible experience! The waiter I got was about 27 and it was on a Monday night.

      At least there are plenty more chinese restaurants in Vancouver!

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