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Diana Chan September 18, 2010 Korean, Robson Street/West End, Two Beakers

At first glace, you would think Pork Belly Beer House is the most shady place you have ever seen. A restaurant with no name, crappy interior décor, lots of white fans everywhere, and lot of plates and soju bottles everywhere equals major sketch. If you are Korean and know your way around town, this place serves all you can eat Pork Belly! Pork Belly is basically like bacon but so much more thicker.

Interior is quite small.

When we sat down, we looked at the menu and just went with the $16 buffet, which included meat, salad, side dishes, soup, rice, and pop. Totally worth it and you get more than the $10 option. We wondered how they could keep their prices so reasonable but we concluded that the crappy décor probably kept their costs down.

Once the meat arrived, we did not waste another second to put the meat on the grill.  All 9 of us were really excited to eat it but sadly we had to wait till it was nicely cooked.

It would have been nice if our salad, rice and soup all came at the same time…. These items came half way through our meal. Totally not a “buffet” if they don’t give it to us in the beginning.

When the meat is done, you can put it in the lettuce with kimchi, bean sprouts, jalapeño, and garlic. Once assembled inside the lettuce wrap, you can dip it into the miso paste or in the salt and pepper sauce.

If you grill the kimchi, bean sprouts and the garlic, it will make the wrap a lot better! Thanks to BusanGirl for that tip!

To add to this buffet, we got beer and Soju. I am a light weight, so having both got me a bit tipsy.

The service was not great since they would forget an order and take way too long refilling our food. Conversing in English would have probably been a problem but luckily I had 4 Koreans with me to do all the ordering.

Also, some of the meat the gave us was VERY FATTY ( 85% fat and 15% meat). It was pretty gross and they “boys” table got that so I think it ruined their start of the night since their meat did not cook well cause it had so many fat streaks in their pork belly. The “girls” tables got lucky since their meat turned out nice and brown.

The damage of the bill came to be over $200… but after splitting it up, it turned about to be about $26 per person.

I would advise you to not eat this often…maybe once or twice a year because this is quite fatty. We left this restaurant smelling like BBQ, I woke up feeling oily, and one person spent a while in the washroom…if you know what I mean…

When you go here, make sure you have a Korean with you. The service may be pretty crappy and if all the items in the buffet do not arrive, do ask them because you are paying for it. The pork belly should be nicely marbled with fat….and not strips of fat…so send it back if there is too much fat. Remember you are paying for all you can eat pork belly and not all you can eat fat.

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Pork Belly Beer House is located:

Robson Street/West End
841 Bidwell Street
Vancouver, BC V6G

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