Patisserie Für Elise: Afternoon Tea in Downtown Vancouver

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Patisserie Für Elise is a pastry shop and tea salon in Downtown Vancouver. It’s quite a cute location since its located in a house instead of a larger building. You know once you lay your eyes on this place, you just are curious to take a peak inside.

I came here with some of my bridesmaids to catch up, since it’s hard to get us together since half of them are on the east coast.

I heard of Patisserie Fur Elise a few years ago at the Vancouver Bakers Market before they opened up their shop. It is great to see the owners dream become reality with their new store.


When you enter, the first floor is their retail space with a few pastries, teas and little trinkets to buy.


There’s macarons on the left and pastries on the left.


There’s tea sets too.



Patisserie Für Elise

On the second floor, the tea salon is located there. There’s one main room and another room in the back.


They do all their baking on the first floor in the kitchen and they set up all the tea sets in this area.


It costs $30 per person for a 2 hour seating and you get the following:

  • Your selection of tea
  • a layer of savory items
  • scones
  • Chef’s choice starter
  • a layer of sweet items


The items do vary, so its hard to say what exactly you get since they like to switch it up. I found the items listed on their website to be less accurate. The menu that you get here is pretty accurate.


On the right page, you have all the teas to choose from.


Shortly after, our tea sets arrived.


A little while later, out pots arrived. You get a little timer and you can wait for the time to count down.


You have a bird to strain out the tea leaves. You pour your tea through this, but we found that some tea leaves did not get caught.


I ordered China Jasmine Premium tea and I found that it needed more than a minute to steep. My other friends got the Blue Earl Grey tea and they didn’t need to steep for very long, unless you want it strong.

Our settings didn’t come with milk and sugar, so we had to ask them for it. Usually it comes with it already on the table, but we found this strange.


After about 40 minutes since we got here, we got our tea set. It seemed a bit long for them to put it together especially when are can only have a 2 hour seating. Nonetheless, we dug in and chatted about life.


Chef’s Choice starter is a blueberry panna cotta it was really good! The panna cotta had a lot of yummy vanilla beans and the blueberry compote on top just paired perfectly. There is also a little gold leaf on top.


We began with the bottom layer of scones and savouries.

  • Prosciutto brie and fresh basil sandwich
  • Cucumber dill finger sandwich
  • Asparagus and mushroom quiche
  • Scone with cheddar and pancetta
  • Scone with almond streusel


Cucumber dill finger sandwich was simple but very good. The position on the cucumber threw us off, so we just moved it to the other side and began eating away. I really liked the creaminess of the center.


Asparagus and mushroom quiche was a tad small, so it was hard to really taste the depth of flavour.


Prosciutto, brie and fresh basil croissant sandwich was my weakness. I can’t resist prosciutto and brie. The croissant wasn’t crunchy, but it was a bit limp. It would be nice if it had more of a crunch to it.


Scone with Almond Strusel is best with their housemade jam. We asked them for some clotted cream and it makes the scone much enjoyable.


Scone with cheddar and pancetta was good. Every time I bite into some pancetta, I would be in heaven. I really like meat.


Next, we devoured into the sweet tier.

  • Maple Pecan Daisy Tartlet
  • Tiramisu
  • Mini Fur Elise
  • Honey madeleine
  • Macaron


Maple Pecan Daisy Tartlet was very cute and not too sweet. The texture of the pecan with the maple was nice.


Tiramisu was bit size and had some chocolate balls on top.


Mini Fur Elise was like a strawberry mousse. It was really good and hidden inside is a slice of strawberry. Good flavours and this was my favourite dessert.


Honey madeleine was topped with powdered sugar. My friends liked it, but I didn’t really enjoy it.


The macarons were were tough and chewy. They looked pretty, but no one liked them. Very disappointing since we were looking forward to devouring these.


Some of us couldn’t finish, so they gave us boxes to pack up our goodies. We wanted to pack our items ourselves since we knew the service would take a while to help us pack it. Even when we asked for the boxes, it took them a while to get them too.


Overall, the ambiance is very nice and perfect for high tea or any special occasion. The food items included in the afternoon tea was decent and will fill you up. Unfortunately, the service was slow was annoying. There is definitely room for improvement.

We Rate Patisserie Für Elise

847 Hamilton street
Vancouver, BC


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