The Onigiri: Delicious Rice Balls in Pohang

Diana Chan November 19, 2013 Japanese, Korean, lunch, Pohang, Three Beakers


The Onigiri is a chain restaurant in South Korea that specializes in Japanese rice balls. We came here to grab a bunch of onigiri to go. My last onigiri was a few years ago from T&T  and I’ve never really had a good experience with them as they always had too much rice.

I was so amazed by this little shop and I could tell it would be good. I would really want one in Vancouver. Would definitely make a great lunch.

The Onigiri

The menu board. I have no idea what it says, but the prices range from 2,500 won to 1,800 won. They serve other items like udon and ramen.

So many choices!

The Onigiri

We clearly bought a lot! Having just 2 already gets you full. Don’t underestimate the size of these little babies.

Some of the flavours available are:

  • 스팸데리야끼 = spam teriyaki
  • 매운스팸 = spicy spam
  • 떡갈비 = short ribs
  • 매운 떡갈비 = spicy short ribs
  • 소고기고추범벅 = boiled, mixed beef, Korean peppers
  • 김치날치알 = kimchi fish egg
  • 매운멸치 = spicy anchovy
  • 김치참치, 매운 참지 = kimchi tuna, spicy tuna
  • 아몬드멸치 = almond anchovy
  • 소고기고추장 = beef red pepper paste
  • 베이컨김치 = bacon kimchi
  • 치즈참치마요 = cheese tuna mayo
  • 참치날차알 = tuna fish egg
  • 크래미샐려리 = creamy celery
  • 크래미날치알 = creamy fish egg
  • 참치 마요 = tuna mayo
  • 치즈날치알 = cheese fish egg

The Onigiri

M ordered me the spicy short ribs onigiri and the kimchi tuna onigiri. My favourite out of the two were the kimchi tuna ones.

The favourites that we ordered were anything with the fish eggs, anchovy or tuna.

The Onigiri

Overall, the onigiri were great, you could tell there was lots of stuffing inside. I wouldn’t recommend ordering more than 3, you’ll be so full that you will need to be wheelbarrowed around town.


469-1 Daejam-dong, Nam-gu
Pohang, South Korea

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