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Diana Chan March 20, 2011 Burnaby Cariboo-Lougheed, Cafe, Dessert, Korean, Two Beakers

BusanGirl was feeling super hungry, so we headed to Midam Rice Cake Cafe. I’ve never heard of this place because its hidden in Korean Town. It is mostly known to the Korean community.If you are not Korean, you should find a Korean person to help you order and suggest items for you to eat.

Any Korean restaurant that I go to, I always bring one of my Korean friends to help me…or else I would be so lost.

Midam Rice Cake Cafe is located right beside Han Nam Mart (NOT H Mart).

They specialize in food with Korean Rice Cakes. From desserts to main dishes.

The inside of this place is very comfortable and has a traditional Korean feel to it. The music of this cafe changes 3 times during the day. In the afternoon, they play traditional Korean music with Gayagum. Near 5pm, they play kpop and then at night it basically becomes a bar and has louder music.

Most tables fit 4 people and its a great place to study or have chats with friends. Not too many people know about this place so it’s really good to study at.

We got tea in this super cool looking cup.

This is comprised of ice, milk, peanut rice cake, red beans and vanilla ice cream. Imagine this as the Korean version of Chinese Shaved Ice.

The best way to eat this is to try to get a bit of everything on your spoon, or you could mix it all together.

My main thing that I wanted to do was drink tea, so I ordered kukwahcha (chrysanthemum) tea ($4.99). The chrysanthemum tea has a very strange taste to it but I really could not pin point what this flavour is.

The tea cups are SO cute, they are double layered so it keeps you tea hot for longer. The design prevents the loss of heat and lowers that rate.

BusanGirl ordered the Bulgogi vegetable in hot pot . The hot pot has a very nice savory broth. The quality of their bulgogi was very poor and you know it’s not the best quality.

The rice that comes with the hot pot is a mixture of wild rice and white rice, thus the light purple appearance.

BusanGirl’s meal also came with 3 side dishes – kimchi, pickled chives and black beans.

I found ordering here was super hard because the different types of desserts are not always available. I was so confused that I just let BusanGirl do all the ordering. Even though there is english on the menu, it is still very confusing. I still look back at the menu and I really have no idea how to navigate it.

Midam Rice Cake Cafe is the place to go when you want drink and snacks. There is really no pressure and you can basically spend hours here without being shooed away.

Words of Wisdom:

  • Free Parking in the front
  • Servers may not be very fluent in english (best to bring a Korean friend)
  • Not all desserts are available…you must ask server
  • Most items under $10
  • Quality food is so-so

We Rate Midam Rice Cake Cafe: 



110-4501 North Road
Burnaby, BC
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  1. Ryan March 20, 2011 at 4:17 pm

    Pat Bing Su (팥빙수) ~ the shaved ice dessert ~ definitely one of my favourites. You can get it with a variety of fruit and syrups as well. Sometimes it looks pretty nasty when you mix it all together, but it definitely tastes exceptional! I love the red beans 😀 You can also get it in the little cafe underneath the downtown H-mart

  2. DesignGirl March 20, 2011 at 4:25 pm

    Thanks Ryan! The name of the shaved ice is the same in Cantonese. I love shaved ice with all canned fruit and syrups. Now it’s making me drool!

    I’ll definitely check out the cafe underneath H Mart!

  3. Kevin March 26, 2011 at 12:43 am

    Borandsi Cafe is also a good place to go and relax for hours. + I really like their icy flakes…or as they call it on the menu, Icy Frakes. 😀

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