MEAT: Classic BBQ Smokehouse in Edmonton

Diana Chan July 27, 2018 BBQ, Edmonton

MEAT is a smokehouse in Edmonton and has been quite popular for their classic BBQ items, sides and drinks. They are located on Whyte Avenue and it’s a great happening neighbourhood with lots going on.


The interior is large and there are lots of communal tables for small to large groups. They don’t take reservations but they have seats on the patio and indoors.


House Salad

We ordered the house salad to start to balance the rest of the meaty meal. It has mixed greens, pecans, goat cheese, tomatoes, and a light dressing. A good item to lighten the meal.

The Spread

All the other items that we ordered came in a platter – garlic fries, fried chicken, half rack of ribs and a pound of beef brisket.

Don’t forget to use their sauces on the side to enhance the flavour.

Beef Brisket

This was beautiful and when it came out it was nice and tender. One of the better items we ordered.

Fried Chicken

The fried chicken was subpar. Our pieces were dry and quite salty. They definitely need to work on this.

Garlic Fries

The garlic fries had a good amount of garlic incorporated into it. It was crisp and had a crunch when you bite down.

BBQ Ribs

The ribs were meaty and delicious with a good amount of smoke and flavour.

Final Thoughts

Overall, the BBQ here was ok. After eating all the items, we could tell all the items were pretty salty and needed better balance of flavour. Of course salt is an essential ingredient of BBQ but there needs to be a good balance. The texture of the pork and beef were good, but the chicken really needs some work. With all the good reviews, the biggest issue for us was the salt levels.

8216 104 St NW, Edmonton, AB


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