LuLu Island Winery: Tour and Tasting in Richmond

Diana Chan March 22, 2015 Richmond, winery


I never knew there was a Winery in Richmond until now. LuLu Island Winery is an award-winning producer of wine. They also are Canada’s largest exporter of Icewine to China.

During the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Winter Games, LuLu Island Winery was selected as China’s hospitality centre – China House, a place where athletes, coaches, team officials and the Chinese media can take a break from the high-pressure competition, welcome guests and celebrate the Chinese Lunar New Year.


During our Tourism Richmond Media Trip, we had a stop here to have a tour and taste of what LuLu Island Winery has to offer. The space is huge and they have various tasting rooms.


Throughout the year, it is a regular tourist destination for those traveling via tour buses.


During the Tasting Tour, you get to sample a variety of their red wines, white wines and icewine. Since our group had a limited time here, we just went straight to the tasting. Usually, a tour and tasting would be 90 minutes long.


A tasting isn’t necessarily only for wine lovers, it’s a way to figure out what types of wines work for you.


For myself, I don’t enjoy red wine as it is not as sweet as white wine. I love white wine like a Pinot Gris or Riesling.


The tasting was quite educational and I did learn a thing or 2 about icewine.

  • In Canada, icewine is trademarked as one word. If you see ice wine or iced wine, they are fakes.
  • Icewine from Canada has a VQA stamp to ensure consumers they are purchasing 100% BC wine.

There’s increasingly more and more fake icewines being sold in China, so you really need to do your homework before purchasing a bottle because icewine’s are not cheap.


Icewine for me is just way too sweet. I’ll buy it as gifts for family members in other countries but it’s not for me.



If you think all wines are made of grapes, that’s a lie. LuLu Island Winery makes some amazing fruit wines like Blueberry wine, Raspberry wine, and Passionfruit wine.


A local favourite is the Blueberry wine. BC produces tons and tons of blueberries and it makes the perfect wine. It has a delicate, clean, light blueberry flavour. Slightly sweet. It makes for a great gift or you can consume it all yourself.

I did enjoy the winery tasting and I would highly recommend it.

16880 Westminster Hwy
Richmond, BC


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