Diana Chan October 23, 2010 Brunch, Four Beakers, Mount Pleasant/Main Street

After hearing Locus is a sweet place to have brunch, CanuckGirl and I went to check out Locus. InsecureGirl recommended to check this out too. Apparently, BaguetteGirl’s sister works here too.

The interior was quite neat too, they had these fake trees coming in and out of the walls. If you have been to a Kettle of Fish, this can never beat their REAL tree.

They seated us and gave us the specials and the regular menu. Even though the specials were very tempting, our goal was to try out the brunch! Egg Bennys all the way!

Bread arrived at our table and there were 2 kinds of bread. I think one was sour dough and the other one was raisin bread and it came with a nice sweet cinnamon spread.

I got the latte, as usual. Lattes are my friend! This latter required a bit of mix to get started.

CanuckGirl ordered the traditional benny ($12), it contained smoked ham, tomato, poached egg and hollandaise sauce. It also comes with a side salad and potatoes.

I got the Seafood Benny ($13), it had scallop and prawn cake, tomato, dill, lemon zest, pepper and hollandaise sauce. Yet again, there was the side salad and potatoes. I’ve never had a eggs benny with a seafood cake. It was ok, but not super great.

Locus has various sauces that you can use on your food to add an extra KICK to your meal. There’s habanero sauce, Tabasco, HP and of course ketchup! I tried using the habanero sauce on my potatoes since it seemed cool at the time cause it was green.

Words of Wisdom

  • Do not consume too much hot sauce because eventually it comes out the other end
  • Eat the bread! It’s fantastic
  • Not a lot of street parking, so best to try to find some place in the residential area a few blocks down and they won’t have residence only signs

Overall, I did enjoy Locus, they had very good service. The brunch did live up to expectations and I think CanuckGirl and I will be back for more brunch!

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