Lakeside Cafe: Breakfast at Harrison Hot Springs

Diana Chan June 24, 2015 Brunch, Buffet, Harrison Hot Springs, Three Beakers


Lakeside Cafe is located on the second floor of the Harrison Hot Springs Resort and Spa. We came here around 8:30am to partake in their breakfast buffet. It starts at 7am and goes on till 11am on the weekdays or 12pm on the weekends.

Lakeside Cafe offers dinner too and it’s much more casual than the Copper Room.


The interior is a bit dated, so sitting inside really reminded me of a 90s buffet. We opted to sit outdoors on the patio.


The view is stunning on the patio. If you aren’t too afraid to be a tad chilly, definitely sit outside.


After we were seated, the servers offered us coffee and tea to start off the breakfast buffet. They also give us a pot of coffee so we can refill it at any time.


You can alternatively get some juice if you like. You can’t go wrong with orange juice.


Their most popular feature is their omelette bar. The man that takes care of this area is hilarious! He’s great to chat with and makes all the guests laugh. You can also have plain eggs too if you don’t want an omelette.


You can choose from a variety of toppings.


Once everything is in the pan, you can wait till it cooks. It does take a while and the line is a tad long, but its worth it.


There is a cereal area with oatmeal and different toppings like nuts and dried fruit.


There is also a section for yogurt and fresh fruit.


There is a bread and toast area. When you use the toaster, be ready to catch the toast as it likes to fly out of the toaster.

There’s also the heated food area that I didn’t take pictures of. They have, waffles, bacon, scrambled eggs, sausages, etc. A decent amount of options, but we all know that bacon and sausages are the most important.


I got the omelette packed with a bit of everything. Smoked salmon, sausages and a pile of bacon.


They have fresh fruit, but the fruit was a bit mushy like it’s been siting in some sort of liquid for a while. Definitely could have been more fresh.


M got a little bit of everything, but we both agreed that the quality was pretty average. The options are a bit limited in the buffet and could used more protein options. It was around ~$20 for the breakfast buffet, which is pricey because no one really needs to eat huge portions for breakfast. If you are a huge eater, maybe this is for you.


After we had the breakfast buffet, we took a stroll around the lake. In the morning, you’ll see a lot of wildlife around.


Foodology Disclaimer: I was invited by Harrison Hot Springs Resort & Spa and my meal was comped. All thoughts are my own.

We Rate Lakeside Cafe:

100 Esplanade Ave,
Harrison Hot Springs, BC


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