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When going to the Bug Zoo in Victoria, InsecureGirl suggested we go to JagaSilk for some amazing authentic green tea!

We were still uber full from The Empress Afternoon Tea, but InsecureGirl and I dragged the boys to go in.  Good thing we did because it turned out to be a memorable experience! First of all I love green tea, I must have a cup everyday…it’s probably just the asian side of me.

JagaSilk is located in Nootka Court and owned by a lovely couple. The little shop looked very unique when we walked in, the store was filled with Japanese pottery – Chawan and had a nice bar to sit down.

Since I’m not an expert in green tea, I did not know what to get on the menu since there were so many options and different grades of green tea you could use in your tea. We asked the owner what he would suggest and we chose the Organic Green Tea Frappe and lemon matcha ice tea.

The matcha ice tea was made first where Jared – the owner shows us how he prepares the matcha for the drink. He carefully measures the amount of matcha and then adds in hot water and purified water then mixes with a chasen (matcha whisks). Then he goes to the back to mix the matcha mix with sugar water, lemon and ice. Thus the lemon match ice tea was made.  It was really refreshing and the color of the matcha really resonated through this whole drink. It was very nice!

The Organic Green Tea Frappe was made next with the same mixing process and was blended with a blender. They take their drinks very seriously; they even went to the trouble of making the drink again because it was not perfect! After it was all made, I took a sip out of it and WOW such amazing green tea flavour in the drink. It was probably better than Starbucks and 100% more healthy!

FragileBoy decided to try out the Orange Duck Organic LondonFog Ice Cream. The Orange Duck is the brand of the ice cream; no ducks were hurt in the making of the ice cream. The ice cream was served in a nice cup and plate. It was served with frozen blueberries. The first bite of ice cream was unbelievable! It had so much flavour that it tasted like a real London fog. The blueberry was a nice addition since it is kinda like a pallet cleanser when you had too much of the same taste. If you go here you must eat this!!! There is nothing else like it!

They even have a green tea version too to go! This will soon be out in stores soon!

While we were drinking the drinks, we chatted with him for a bit asking about the business and green tea products. It turns out there’s different grades of green tea and how there is a myth were if the green tea comes from Japan, it’s automatically labeled organic. In reality, this is obviously not true. So, JagaSilk works directly with a Green tea farmer in Japan to ensure the products they are using are organic and live up to the grade that is specified. They even go far as using all purified water for their ice cubes.

They even sell their green tea and pottery in the store and online!

If you are looking for authentic green tea drinks go to JagaSilk. You will not be disappointed. They also support organic products, vegetarianism, and sustainable business practices! So, you know they are really dedicated to their work.

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