Ippudo HK: Killer Ramen Across the World

Diana Chan July 23, 2012 Four Beakers, Japanese, Ramen, Tsim Sha Tsui

Ippudo is a world famous chain ramen store. It was started by Shigemi Kawahara over 20 years ago in a small restaurant with only 10 seats in Fukuoka. Since 1985, it has expanded to New York, Hong Kong, Singapore and even Korea. What makes their ramen so delicious is their slow-cooked pork bone soup with the combination of toppings.

As my parents had something to do at Tsim Sha Tsui, so I suggested we try this place for lunch. It wasn’t too long of a line up, but they do have a digital ticketing machine for people to put down their name, telephone and # in their party. If there is a long line up, you can just stroll around the 2 malls as you wait.

The kitchen has an open concept, so you can see the chefs at work creating your noodles. The interior isn’t too large, but the turnover should be quite fast.

You get chopsticks, a spoon and a spoon holder. Pretty cool stuff.

Ippudo Gyoza Dumplings comes in five pieces and is very popular item in Ippudo Japan. the dumplings were quite small, but it has a good amount of flavour! It wasn’t the best dimpling I’ve had, but it was decent.

Ippudo BBQ Pork Bun just comes with one bun. It is cut in half and contains slices of BBQ Pork and lettuce. The bun is very popular at Ippudo NY and thus they offer it at Ippudo HK.

I did not particularly love this bun. It was ok, but nothing special.

Akamaru Shinaji has a rich tonkotsu flavour with slices of pork, egg, green onions with fragrant oil and miso. A majority of the family at the table ordered this item. They enjoyed it but felt it was a tad salty.

Ippudo Karaka has a tonkotsu soup, miso, minced pork and spicy oil. I loved it, it wasn’t too spicy but it was enough to tickle your taste buds. I would recommend this if you like spicy.

Shiomaru Motoaji has lean slices of pork with thin Hakata-style noodles. It looks very simple, but the broth really speaks for itself. It’s very delicious and my little sister gobbled this all up!

I’ve been to the Ippudo NY in a few months ago, but I feel like this location was much more delicious. No matter where you are in the world, if there is an Ippudo in your city, go check it out. You might be pleasantly pleased by their taste.

Words of Wisdom:

  • Ramen is a must!
  • Tsim Tsa Tsui Subway exit L5

We Rate Ippudo HK

Shop 210, Silvercord Tower, 30 Canton Road,
Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong


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