Golden Paramount Seafood Restaurant 金百樂海鮮酒家: Dim Sum in Richmond

Diana Chan March 8, 2015 Chinese, Dim Sum, Richmond, Three Beakers


Golden Paramount Seafood Restaurant is located in Richmond close to Richmond Centre Mall. It’s a bit hidden in a nearby plaza. We came here on a media tour with Tourism Richmond to taste the flavours of Cantonese cuisine for early morning dim sum. I haven’t been to Golden Paramount, so it was definitely an adventure.


The restaurant isn’t as large as some other Chinese restaurants, but as long as you have reservations, you’ll be just fine. It doesn’t get too busy on the weekends until 11am.


In true blogger fashion, we definitely filled up the whole table with food. It’s great eating with people who have a passion for food because they have huge stomachs. hahaha.


Steamed Prawn Dumpling comes with 5 pieces in each basket. Pretty standard taste. I love eating these with hot sauce or XO sauce. Mmmmm.


Steamed Dumpling with Crab and Meat comes with 3 pieces in each basket. Very yummy as well.


Deep Fried Spring Roll with Turnip was strange tasting but thats probably because of the addition of the turnip.


Pan Fried Pork Dumpling comes with 4 pieces. It’s mostly pan-fried on one side.


Preserved Egg Pastry with Pork has its golden top with savoury filling on the inside.


Deep Fried Eggplant with fish Paste is another one of my favourites.


Duck Feet with Pumpkin is not for the squeamish. You’re mostly just eating the skin and tendons of the feet. It’s really all about the sauce. But I do understand it may be strange sucking feet in front of all your friends. Sorry, not sorry.


Beef Tripe in Scallop Sauce it is essentially beef stomach. I haven’t been fond of this type of beef tripe. It’s chewy and slimy.


 Beef Tripe with Ginger and onion is fragrant and has a slightly crunchy texture. The texture reminds me of a cats tongue because of all the little bumps. This is the type of tripe I like.


Fried Rice with Scallops and Egg White was delicious. Simple but has a lot of flavour. It’s a wonder what egg can do to a dish.


Stir Fried Sticky Rice was not a favourite. I prefer sticky rice wrapped up in the leaves.


Spare Ribs on Rice Roll in a Hot Pot is delicious. I feel like I’m always the only one that loves this dish. I really like pulling the meat off all the bones.


Bean Curd Sheets with Pea Tips and Consomme is my favourite item. I really just enjoy the sweet flavour of the pea tips. Oh so good. It’s one item I could eat forever and ever.


Pan Fried Oysters is one of their specialties and everyone seems to be talking about them. As an oyster fan, I did enjoy these.


Sweet and Sour Pork was a delight. Good size chunks with not too much fat or breading.


Beef Shanghai Noodles was really good. Not too oily and just the right amount of char from the super hot wok.


Stir Fried Noodles were a bit bland.


Water Chestnut Jelly was a yummy treat at the end of the meal. The right amount of sweetness and the crunchy texture of the chestnuts were great.


Overall, the dim sum quality is decent here. Certain dishes shine here but a few that could have better execution.

We Rate Golden Paramount Seafood Restaurant

8071 Park Rd
Richmond, BC

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