Faubourg: Lavender Tea, Lavender Latte, Lavender Pastries and More

Diana Chan June 17, 2018 Cafe, Dessert, Downtown

Are you a fan of lavender? Faubourg in Vancouver has launched their lavender collection containing  new items that will tempt lavender lovers. Through these new items, they are taking guests to the lavender fields of Provence France. If you love lavender, you definitely want to check out these treats and drinks.

As we came here for a tasting, all the pastries we tried were sample sizes and do not represent the normal portion sizes.

Lavender and Strawberry Pastry

This has lavender honey and sage mousse paired with a sweet strawberry gelee and a lavender vanilla sponge cake.

Blueberry and Lavender Opera Cake

It has layers of blueberry infused almond sponge cake, blueberry jam, lavender ganache, finished with a blueberry gelée.

Lavender Earl Grey Macaron

Macaron infused with lavender and earl grey.

Blueberry and Lavender Chausson

This flakey pastry is filled with a blueberry and lavender jam.

Lavender Black Tea Latte

Lavender Latte

Final Thoughts

The introduction of all these lavender items are actually really delicious. My two favourite items were the lavender latte and the blueberry and lavender opera cake. The other items were good too, but if I had to choose one drink and one treat, those would be it. You can find these new menu items in their lavender collection at all locations – West Vancouver, Downtown, and Kerrisdale.

769 Hornby St, Vancouver, BC


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