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Diana Chan June 11, 2013 Brunch, Canadian, Four Beakers, Kitsilano

Fable Kitchen

Fable Kitchen is owned by Canada’s Top Chef contestant Trevor Bird. The idea of the restaurant came about from the episode ‘Restaurant Wars’, where Trevor named his farm to table concept – Fable. When returning from the show, he began working on bringing the vision to life.

They work with amazing local farms to make sure they have the best ingredients to use in their meals. My friends and I wanted some brunch on the weekend, so we decided to come here. There was a bit of a line up, so we ended up spending 30 minutes waiting. We didn’t mind since it was nice and sunny outside.

Fable Kitchen

I spent some of that time staring at the roasted piggy by the window. It looked so good! Crispy skin!

Fable Kitchen

The interior was quite nice, the back wall is a chalk board, so all the imagery is drawn on. The chandelier in the centre of the room has pitch forks. Really nice to bring the concept of farm to table in the decor.

Fable Kitchen

Farmer’s Muffin ($10) has sausage, scrambled eggs, cheddar, tomato jam on top of the muffin. It also comes with salad and rosti on the side. Oh my, this was packed full of flavour and you can’t deny the amazing taste. The sausage was juicy and nicely seasoned and the egg is just so creamy.

Fable Kitchen

 Omelette ($11) is made with 3 eggs, bacon, mushrooms and cheddar. It also comes with salad, rosti, and rustic bread. My friend really enjoyed this too. She thought it was a bit on the small side, but after she finished it, her face was beaming because of its great flavours.

Fable Kitchen

Pulled Pork Johnny Cakes ($12) comes with tomato jam, picked jalapeño, a poached egg, and rosti.

Fable Kitchen

Scrambled Eggs ($12)  is in the jar with the bacon, spinach, parmesan with the foam on top. There is also brioche, tomato jam and rosti that comes with it.

Fable Kitchen

House Bacon ($4) is one of the side items you can add to your meal. It’s thick cut and quite delicious. It’s a bit expensive, but I couldn’t say no because it was bacon.

Overall, the brunch here is pretty solid. We all had a good meal and left happy. The portions aren’t too large and the prices were ok. It’s not a place for everyone. It’s hard to figure out what item to order for brunch, but if you stick with the eggs, you can’t go wrong.

We Rate Fable Kitchen

1944 West 4th Ave
Vancouver, BC


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