EXP Restaurant + Bar: Video Game Inspired

Diana Chan October 14, 2013 Canadian, Gastown, Three Beakers

EXP Restaurant + Bar

Exp Restaurant and Bar is located in Gastown and serves up food and drinks with a video game twist. I came here with my food blogging buddies – Dee and Amy since we are all video game nerds.

EXP Restaurant + Bar

You will find video memorabilia on the walls and will definitely bring you back to your childhood days.

EXP Restaurant + Bar

Mana + Health ($7.50) is a  mixture of Red Sour Puss, Bols Melon, Blue Curacao, and Soda. It is meant to be drank like a drop shot. If you play games like Diablo, you’ll find these two colors familiar. The drink itself is quite sweet.

EXP Restaurant + Bar

Thunder ($5.50) is made of Absolut Mandarin, Blue Curacao, Lime. Rimmed with Pop Rocks.

EXP Restaurant + Bar

Arrow to the Knee ($5.50) has cake vodka, and baileys cream liqueur. If you play Skyrim, you’ll understand this reference.

EXP Restaurant + Bar

Ultra Deep Fried Pickles ($7) has fresh pickles and fries with blackened jalapeño dip. It was a good bar dish. Something to nibble on. It’s not for everyone, but I have a secret love of pickles.

EXP Restaurant + Bar

Raging Demon Spicy Chicken Sandwich ($13) has grilled​ cajun chicken breast, jalapeño jack cheese, fried jalapeño and garlic with fresh avocado. The chicken breast was quite dry and there wasn’t anything too special about this burger. It was a bit spicy, but it could have used more of a kick.

EXP Restaurant + Bar

Chocobo Chicken Burger ($12) has crunchy garlic chicken breast, honey mustard, mayo, & lettuce. Dee ordered it and just fell in love with the title of this burger because of the reference to Final Fantasy.

EXP Restaurant + Bar

Master Chief Burger ($13) has an 6 oz beef patty topped with baby greens, house red onion relish, roasted garlic aioli, finished with crunchy ‘Halo’ onion rings.

EXP Restaurant + Bar

Doughnut-Shielded Cheesecake ($4) has a Piece of Rich Cheesecake Encased in Doughnut Batter and Deep-Fried to Perfection. You can choose from chocolate, oreo icing or cinnamon sugar. We went with the cinnamon sugar.

EXP Restaurant + Bar
Smore-Tal Kombat ($5) has a huge house-made marshmallow, dark chocolate and caramel sauce, brutally squeezed between two honey graham Crackers. FINISH IT!

I love their description on their menu. It can get a bit distracting trying to figure what the dish really is. We spent way more time oggling at the name of the items rather than finding something we really liked.
We Rate Exp Bar

309 W Pender St
Vancouver, BC


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    “We spent way more time oggling at the name of the items rather than finding something we really liked.” ..true story. T__T

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