Ebi Ten Japanese Fast Food: Cheap but Not Good

Diana Chan December 9, 2011 Downtown, Japanese, One Beaker

Yet again, I had no idea where to eat lunch, so I headed down and randomly found Ebi Ten. They have Japanese fast food, which I don’t know what that means…but they are known for their decent dons. They are quite affordable and under $10. Good for a quick cheap lunch.

The inside does have a few chairs, but mosts for groups of 2’s. There is one table of 4, but during peak hours it might be occupied.

All meals are well priced. You can upgrade into a combo and get miso soup or a can of pop.

Ebi Ten Plate (Combo – $9.40) comes with assorted tempura, california roll, chicken teriyaki with salad and mayo.

With the upgrade to a combo, I chose the miso soup instead of the pop. Just trying to be a bit healthier.

Miso soup was alright, nothing special here.

The assorted tempura tasted good, very fresh and the batter has a nice crunch to it. The vegetables and ebi were cooked perfectly too.

California roll came with 8 pieces. I was not a fan of it. They were constructed poorly and you can see the avocado was going a bit brown.

Chicken Teriyaki with salad and mayo was pretty disgusting. I just really don’t like mayo with my salad. it really didn’t seem like salad at all. Also, the leaves were wilted and not fresh.

I think I probably chose the wrong dish to have here since most people were ordering the bowl items instead. Best to stay away from the Ebi Ten Plate.

Words of Wisdom:

  • Under $10
  • Go with the bowl items or specials
  • Do not get Ebi Ten Plate
  • Poorly constructed sushi
We Rate Ebi Ten: 

388 Robson St
Vancouver, BC
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