Dragon Ball Tea House

Diana Chan December 24, 2010 Chinese, Dessert, Shaughnessy, Three Beakers

Dragon Ball Tea House is a popular bubble tea place in Vancouver. They serve milky teas, slushes, real fruit, powder, and many other types of customizable bubble teas. If you are an indecisive person, you will be totally confused when they ask you if you want your drink as a milk or slush, or with pearls. They throw so many options at you, so I totally got lost.

The interior is not very big, so during busy times its hard to fit a large group of people.

Most of the drinks range from $3 – $3.50. If you add pearls or anything extra, it’s $0.50.

What we ordered:

  • Supreme Milk Tea: Just regular milk tea, nothing too “supreme” about it.
  • Passionfruit Black Tea w/ pearls: FragileBoy said the pearls were a bit too soft and chewy
  • Fresh papaya milk: I loved it. It had real papaya, so I was super happy! I hate the powdered stuff.
  • Green Tea Ice Cream: Had a good taste to it. If you like green tea ice cream, you’d probably like this too.

There is something about this washroom key that cracks me up. Can you see what it is? (Scroll down to see answer)

Yes, if you have spotted the 3 signs that say “Washroom Key”, you are right.

At least you know that if you ever need to go to the washroom, you can live in peace knowing that the washroom key is well highlighted.

Words of Wisdom:

  • You can have the most customizable Bubble Tea ever!
  • Parking on the side of building or parking on street
  • Cash Only

We rate Dragon Ball Tea House:

They are located at:

1007 W King Edward Ave
Vancouver, BC
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  1. Victoria December 24, 2010 at 6:59 pm

    This is my absolute favourite bubble tea place in all of the Lower Mainland. I LOVE the green tea ice cream bubble tea, and it’s fantastic that they have so many fresh fruit options too.

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