Dot. Desserts: A Parfait Bar

RomanJ March 27, 2011 Dessert, South Cambie Street

RomanJ here! Abbytizer and I decided to try out probably one of the only parfait bars in South Vancouver called, “Dot. Desserts”. The desert bar is somewhat hidden since the sign outside the dessert bar states “bubble house”, which is confusing for first time comers. The “Dot. Desserts” is only recognizable with their small sidewalk sign.

Dot. Desserts is a small dessert bar, with high 4 high tables and somewhat dim lighting. It has nicely displaced framed pictures on the wall. Plus, its a nice place to bring a date.

I ordered the Strawberry parfait, while Abbytizer ordered the Espresso parfait.

The Strawberry Parfait ($6.88) is delicious. The parfait consists of freshly cut strawberries on top of vanilla and chocolate ice cream, covered with whip cream and streaked strawberry sauce. The middle of the parfait consists of more ice cream with Vector Cereal (or could be corn flakes), adding a crunch to each every flavorful bit. At the bottom of the parfait is a sponge cake covered with mixture of melted ice cream and strawberry sauce. The Strawberry is outstanding and will fulfill anyone’s parfait cravings.

Abbytizer had the Espresso parfait, is made of chocolate moose, vanilla ice cream, with chocolate sauce on top. In the middle, sponge cake, a layer of cereal, chocolate sauce, mixed with more ice cream and espresso of course. The Espresso parfait was also delicious. The mixtures of flavors really melted together well.

Overall, we liked the parfaits at Dot. Desserts. They have variety of flavors to choose from.  We’ll definitely come back to try out the other flavors.

Words of Wisdom:

  • Reasonably priced
  • They offer more than just parfaits: crepes, slush & milk tea drinks and subs

We rate Dots. Desserts:


5556 Cambie St
Vancouver, BC

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  • I recently had a parfait at Ebisu Robson and it was comparable to the one at Dot Cafe and chicco (gyoza king’s dessert bar)….

  • I thought the strawberry parfait was 6.88? (says on the website) Is there a special going on?

  • RomanJ

    @Hamsup, Ebsiu has parfaits that are that good? They’re more known for there alcoholic drinks specials and sushi. I’ll have to try it out, thanks for the tip.

    @Vanessa, My mistake it is 6.88, I mistaken the price for the sweet crepes, however the parfait is still regardless of price.

    – RomanJ

  • Surprisingly.. their parfaits and rest of their desserts are pretty darn good… it only sucks that there are drunken yahoos which make it not a dessert spot.. (weekdays are pretty tamed and quiet..) I would also recommend their creme brule cheesecake and monkey magic… (the other desserts don’t taste all that great… lol)