Ding Tea Taiwanese Tea House: Now Open in Vancouver

Diana Chan April 6, 2019 Bubble Tea, Renfrew-Collingwood, Uncategorized

Ding Tea is a new bubble tea shop near Renfrew and 2nd in Vancouver, It is a Taiwanese bubble tea franchise with over 600 stores worldwide. There are 2 other locations in Toronto and Victoria, but now a third in Vancouver.

I made a quick stop to grab some bubble tea for my husband and my sister since we love trying new places to see how they compare. With the recent boom of new bubble tea places, it’s so hard to catch up and as they are opening up so frequently.


The space is quite nice with a modern aesthetic if you are dining in, but most people grab to go. There is also free parking out front.


Monster BoBo Latte

This is a popular drink since the brown sugar milk tea craze is so hot in Vancouver right now. Ding Tea makes the Monster BoBo Latte daily from 1-2pm until they sell out. On weekends they have it at an additional 8pm time slot as well. I came here at 5pm on a Wednesday and they still had this available.

The brown sugar and pearls with the milk is delicious. Mix it all up together so you aren’t just having all the sugar at the bottom. One of the better brown sugar drinks we have had so far.

There is not option to customize sugar levels for this drink, similar to other places too.

Kiwi Aloe Vera Juice

I’ve never heard of this combination before, so I got this with 30% sugar since I usually like my fruity drinks less sweet. There are large chunky bits of aloe vera pieces at the bottom and it was so good with the kiwi. I was so happy I got it less sweet and 30% was perfect. We really enjoyed this and would order it again.

Signature Milk Tea

We had this 100% sugar and 100% ice and it wasn’t too sweet at all. It had a good tea flavour and was very enjoyable. Solid milk tea.

Final Thoughts

Overall, we enjoyed the drinks that we ordered. The biggest surprise for us was the Kiwi Aloe Vera Juice. So delicious and the kiwi and aloe pairing works so well. Highly recommended. The other drinks are pretty good too.

1808 Renfrew St, Vancouver, BC


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