Crepe Montagne: Brunch in Whistler

Diana Chan September 30, 2014 Brunch, Four Beakers, Whistler


Crepe Montagne is an authentic French Creperie located in Whistler Village. They have lots of breakfast and brunch items that are sweet and savoury. M and I came for a day trip to Whistler and he demanded we find some brunch. Doing a quick search on Urbanspoon, it lead me here.


There are seats inside and outside, but we sat inside since there was only one table available. It’s a cute place and I’m amazed the chef can cook in such a tight space.


Coffee is a must for every morning. We left Vancouver pretty early to get here by 9am.


Cappuccino was my drink of choice. This drink has alway stuck with me because I started drinking coffee in University when I was backpacking across Europe. I just loved the foam with the espresso. It’s exactly what I need to perk up in the morning.


Pesto Eggs Benedict ($14) has a fresh pesto sauce with a lot of mushrooms, topped with a medium egg and hollandaise sauce. On the side, there are hashbrowns and fresh fruit. I couldn’t stop eating this! It was so good! It was just what I needed.


2010 Breakfast Crepe ($14) has 3 eggs, Canadian back bacon, cheese and tomatoes. The eggs are inside the crepe, so it doesn’t seem like you are consuming 3 eggs. M really loved this crepe and would barely share with me. The crepe is made of buckwheat and white flour.

Overall, the meals probably had lots of butter, but it was really good. I love their savoury items.

116 4368 Main Street
Whistler BC


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