Chui Restaurant: Korean Fusion Restaurant

Diana Chan April 10, 2013 Korean, Robson Street/West End, Three Beakers

Chui Restaurant

I’ve never heard of Chui Restaurant until my friend decided to have dinner here. It’s a relatively new restaurant on Robson across from Whole Foods. They serve Korean fusion food.

Chui Restaurant

The space is pretty cool. It’s divided up so there is an upper floor and a lower flood. It’s separated by bricks and fake cherry blossoms.

Chui Restaurant

Complementary side dishes consist of kimchi, tofu and edamame beans. It was a nice variety of items, but if you are a large group waiting for your order to arrive, this will be eaten quite quickly. We had to ask for several refills of this.

Chui Restaurant

Beef Yaki Udon was the first item that arrived at the table. It tasted pretty good but had a strong sesame taste to it.

Chui Restaurant

Seafood Paella was a very interesting item to see in a Korean restaurant, but I guess its one of those dishes that make it “fusion”. It has a ample amount of mussels, prawns, squid, and a larger spot prawn in the centre.

Chui Restaurant

Seafood Pancake was large and tasted good. Decent amount of seafood inside too.

Chui Restaurant

Pork Belly with fried vegetables. I’m sure there is a real name for this dish, but sometimes my memory fails me. The fried vegetable can be eaten together with the pork. They definitely compliment each other as you have the crispy vegetable with the savory pork.

Overall the food isn’t bad but some items aren’t that great for Korean fusion food. The service for the food can be a bit slow, so make sure you have some drinks in hand. It gets pretty busy on Friday and weekends as it attracts a young crowd.

We Rate Chui Restaurant

1660 Robson St
Vancouver, BC

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