Chen’s Shanghai Restaurant: XLB and Salty Soy Milk

Diana Chan May 12, 2013 Kid Friendly, Richmond, Shanghai, Three Beakers

Chen's Shanghai Kitchen

I don’t go to Richmond that often, so we decided to make Kirsty (Eating with Kirby) take us to the good places in town. She was pretty confident that this place had some good xiao long bao. I am still a big fan of Dinesty, so she really wanted to show me this hole in the wall with amazing XLB. She even wrote a blog post about Dinesty vs Chen’s a few months ago.

This place is cash only and has won several awards too. It doesn’t have a nice interior but they are best known for their food.

Chen's Shanghai Kitchen

Salted Soy Milk ($2.95) sounds like a weird dish, but it was surprisingly good. It’s also only $2.50! SO cheap! Somehow all the ingredients blended together very nicely to make a savory soup.

Chen's Shanghai Kitchen

Mixed Meat Wo Ba was a cool dish to eat. You take some soup and then you throw in a chunk of crispy rice into it. Its a good combination of crispy rice and the smooth saltiness of the soup.

Chen's Shanghai Kitchen

 Noodle Soup with pickled cabbage and shredded pork ($6.50) was ok. Nothing special.

Chen's Shanghai Kitchen

Xiao Long Bao comes in 6 pieces per order ($4.95) whats unique about these is that there is a lot of soup packed into these. Half of the table broke their XLB as they were transporting the dumpling from the bamboo steamer to their spoons.

Chen's Shanghai Kitchen

Shanghai Spicy Green Beans ($7.95) was good as usual. A little bit oily, but not as bad as other restaurants.

Chen's Shanghai Kitchen

Shanghai Pan Fried Pork Buns ($4.95) were oily and a bit burn on the pan-fried side.

Chen's Shanghai Kitchen

Deep fried buns with condensed milk is a must! The deep fried buns come in 6 pieces and great for sharing. Crispy on the outside and steaming hot and fluffy on the inside.

The food was good and the prices were great. Some dishes can be a hit and a miss.

Words of Wisdom:

  • Must order the Xiao Long Bao, Salted Soy Milk, Deep Fried Man Tou
  • Cash Only
  • Free parking in the parking lot
  • Horrible Service
  • Hole in the Wall Decor

We Rate Chen’s Shanghai Restaurant: 

8095 Park Rd
Richmond, BC

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