Che-Licious: Bahn Mi and Vietnamese Dessert in the West End


Che-Licious is located in the West End close the English Bay. They serve up Vietnamese classics like bahn mi, salad rolls, skewers, and of course their speciality – Che – Vietnamese dessert.

I’ve seen lots of pictures from this place on Instagram and on my Facebook feed, so I decided that I would take a trip out here during lunch to catch up with Wongers and of course eat.


There are a good amount of tables in here. It may be hard fitting a large group, but 2’s or 4’s would work well.


Chè-Licious Special ($6.50)  is filled with pandan jelly, agar jelly, pom pearls, toddy palm, jackfruit, longan, coconut milk and ice. What I love about Che is that its so colourful. I remember going to pho restaurants and this would be every kids dream.

With each slurp and spoonful of Che, I really had no idea what I was eating. You get the dominant flavour of the coconut milk and then the textures of all the jellies. They are really generous with the amount of jellies.


They have a good variety of che ingredients as you can see from their list. Not bad at all.


Saigon Signature ($6.50) has various cold cut meats, BBQ pork, pork floss, pate, served with pickled veggies, cucumber, cilantro, house made mayo with optional jalapeño.

The best part was the bread! Crunchy on the outside and soft and fluffy on the inside. As for the ingredients inside of the sandwich, I wish there was more pate. I love me some good pate.


Ducking Good ($6.75) has roasted duck, ginger, scallion with pickled veggies, cucumber, cilantro, house made mayo with optional jalapeño. The ingredient to bun ratio seemed a bit off for this sandwich, but the duck was pretty awesome and it had it’s skin intact.

Overall, the bahn mi is a bit more expensive compared to other places, but that bun is delicious. What makes this place stand out are their varieties of che, you don’t see it anywhere else. Most places just have one option.

We Rate Che-Licious

1120 Denman Street, Vancouver


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