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Diana Chan March 20, 2011 American, North Burnaby, Two Beakers

Coming back from SFU, M is not always the best dressed when he finishes writing a long essay. I wanted to go to Cactus Club and he wanted to go to Boston Pizza. Again, I looked at him funny. He said he’s wearing sweats and doesn’t look the part to step into Cactus Club. I laughed at him and then we went to Boston Pizza.

Boston Pizza is a Canadian founded company from Alberta. It’s kinda funny since the name of the restaurant is Boston Pizza. You would think they would be American.

Boston Pizza has 2 areas to sit, in the dining area with booth style seating or in the bar area. The bar area is the best place to drink and watch the game.

Since it was Wednesday, they had a special on small pizzas for $10.99. There were lots of flavours to choose from and we chose the Pepperoni and mushroom pizza ($10.99).

The pizza was really good, crunchy crusts and ooey gooey toppings. M instantly became a fan. The crust is thin and not very doughy, so you won’t feel super bloated.

I was yet again trying to be healthy and ordered a greek salad ($10.99). It was a pretty bad greek salad, the leaves were cut way too large to fit into my mouth. There was too much feta cheese on top. The onion were also cut too big. When you bit into a piece of onion, all you could taste was the onion and the burning sensation.

I would never order this again.

M ordered the Boston Brute ($13.48). A deli style sandwich loaded with Genoa salami, pepperoni, smoked ham, pizza mozzarella, onion and pizza sauce. Baked on a French-style bun.

Instead of fries or a salad, he substituted with cactus cuts, which are thinly sliced potatoes that are deep fried and has a little bit of spicy kick to it.

Words of Wisdom:

  • Good pizza
  • Special deals everyday
  • free parking
  • Salads are horrible

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4219 Lougheed Hwy
Burnaby, BC

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