BeaverTails (Lonsday Quay)

Diana Chan August 29, 2010 Dessert, North Vancouver, Two Beakers

What are BeaverTails? They are not tails of beavers but a type of hand stretched fried pastry covered in sugar and cinnamon. I kept hearing about this Canadian wonder called BeaverTails but I never got around to purchasing one on grouse. I always imagined it to be a cinnamon bun … or something like that.

One day as I was wondering around Lonsdale Quay for lunch and I saw the Beavertails stand! I was so amazed by it because I finally found it and had to try it before I missed out again. This small little stand was just a franchise owned by a cute Asian couple. The average price of these Beavertails are about $4 or $5.

I was really excited and I didn’t know what to get, so many topping and choices for these BeaverTails, but I just decided to be plain and boring and order their most popular – Cinnamon and sugar. While ordering, I could see how they made the whole BeverTail, they would first start off with the dough and begin stretching it into the shape of the tail, afterwards, they would then dip the dough into the vat of oil. After a few minutes of frying, they would cool this off and begin coating the fried dough with the cinnamon and sugar.

The BeaverTail did resemble and Beaver’s tail. I decided to take a big bite out of it. It was good but I found that there was too much sugar and cinnamon that it was getting all over my shirt when I ate it. I could even feel all the sugar granules being stuck between my teeth. I felt like I needed to start brushing my teeth right there in front of the shop.

In the end I did not finish it because it was so big! (That’s what she said). I just wrapped it up and took it home. This was probably not a good idea since it went limp really fast and became not crispy.
Don’t be fooled by this BeaverTail, it packs a lot of sugar so if you do not have a sweet tooth; this may overwhelm your teeth and cause cavities.

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