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Diana Chan March 12, 2015 Burmese, Kensington, Kid Friendly, Three Beakers


Amay’s House is a Burmese restaurant in Vancouver. There’s only a handful of Burmese restaurants in Vancouver. My mom grew up in Burma, so she gets really excited when visiting a Burmese restaurant.

I’ve been meaning to come here for a while but haven’t had the chance to make a visit until now. Plus, a few readers urged me to come for a visit.


The restaurant isn’t that pretty. It’s kinda like a hole in a wall. Very simple decor and nothing fancy.



Myanmar Tea Leaf Salad ($7.50) has fermented tea leaves, tomato, cabbage, assorted beans and nuts. This is always my favourite item to order at any Burmese restaurant, the crunchy texture of the beans mesh so well with the vegetables. Their version was good but I preferred the one at Wahh Tee a bit more.


Large Prata served with Chicken Curry ($6.50) is crisp on the outside and when its dipped in the curry, it’s pretty darn good. You can’t leave Amay House without getting Roti.


Noodle Salad ($7.50) is made with egg noodles, shrimp powder, bean powder, tamarind sauce, cabbage, onions, and cilantro. It comes with a clear soup on the side. It was creamy and full of flavour. The mixture of spices were great.


Chicken Satay ($6.50) and Beef Satay ($6.50) come with 3 pieces each. They were not good as they were tough and over cooked.


Fish Noodle Soup Mohinga ($7) has rice noodles, catfish broth, lemongrass, cilantro, fried garlic and fried split chana dal. A staple of Burmese cuisine! We order this dish at any Burmese restaurant as a baseline test to see how good or bad a restaurant is. If you can’t get Mohinga right, then something isn’t right.


Coconut Milk Noodle Soup ($7) has egg noodles, coconut milk, chicken curry, onion and deep fried noodle crisps. It has a rich coconut taste and was quite enjoyable.

Overall, pretty good Burmese food here, but since it was a busy Friday the service was sparse. There was only one server that seemed to do everything. Once the order was in, the food came out at a steady pace.I still prefer to go to Wahh Tee.

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5076 Victoria Drive
Vancouver, BC


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