Air Canada Rouge: Vancouver to Los Angeles

Diana Chan February 15, 2015 Airplane Meals, British Columbia


Air Canada Rouge is a budget airline, which is owned by Air Canada of course.

We found some good discounts a few months ago, so we booked Air Canada Rouge to go to Los Angeles. It was only $287 for economy class, which was a great deal as tickets are usual around $500 or $600. Definitely looks for coupon codes and do a lot of research before booking any flights. Good thing we had Mandu to keep an eye out of the prices for a few weeks.


We had no issues lifting off from Vancouver. It was a tiny bit delayed because of a few people from connecting flights.


The economy seats were quite cramped. You get what you pay for. No entertainment and you do have to pay for checking in bags. Since we were only gone for 5 days, the girls and I just carried a small carry-on to avoid extra fees.


All the food needs to be purchased off a menu, but we decided to wait till we got to LA to eat. You only get 1 complimentary beverage during the flight since it’s just under 3 hours. Before getting on the plane, I made a stop to Starbucks to grab a Venti water.


The flight is pretty boring as there really isn’t much to look at outside the window except for mostly farm land. I just brought my laptop with ear buds to keep me entertained. Some other people just slept the entire way there.


Once we were flying over LA, you can help but to stare at the vast size of Los Angeles. From the place, we could see the Hollywood sign.

Overall, the flight was smooth and not any complaints. Just remember to bring some entertainment on board, so you don’t lose your mind.


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