Air Canada: From Beijing to Vancouver

Diana Chan January 20, 2014 Airplane Meals

air canada beijing to vancouver

So close to home, yet so far. After a 2 hour layover in Beijing (PEK), we boarded Air Canada. It took about 11 hours to get back. I definitely packed enough music and TV shows to last me through those hours. It wasn’t easy, but lots of naps were needed.

air canada beijing to vancouver

We first started with a snack. We got Pretzels and our beverage of choice. I asked for a can of tomato juice and they were kind enough to give me the whole can, usually if you don’t ask, they just give you a glass. I always get very thirsty on plane rides, so I make sure I drink a lot.

air canada beijing to vancouver

A few hours later, dinner was served. It was fried rice, steamed vegetables, and chicken in hot and sour sauce. It also came with pudding, a salad, bread and water. It tasted ok, but I wasn’t very impressed.

air canada beijing to vancouver

After this, I got bored for a very long time. Kids were crying, people were snoring, and I was just glad I had noise cancelling headphones. At some point I think I fell asleep.

air canada beijing to vancouver

Breakfast time! We had fruits, bread with jam and butter. The main item was scrambled eggs with mushrooms and potatoes.

The alternative item you could have gotten was congee. Both options sounded good, but I really just wanted eggs.

air canada beijing to vancouver

Overall, the food was ok, but not super impressive. After travelling Air Canada for a few years, the food is pretty standard and doesn’t really vary too much. It changes depending on your destination, but there are the same pieces.

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