720 Sweets: Steamy Ice Cream in Kitsilano

Diana Chan November 1, 2015 Dessert, Four Beakers, Kid Friendly, Kitsilano


720 Sweets is an ice cream store that seeks to explore revolutionary flavours on their menu. If you are from Vancouver and have Instagram, I’m sure you have seen their steamy treats.

The shop is in the Kitsilano area on  West Broadway.


The shop is quite small and doesn’t fit a lot of people, but most people just do take out and walk around the neighbourhood. There’s so many restaurants nearby, so it’s great to have dinner else where and then make a stop here for some late night treats. That’s what M and I did. We had dinner a block away at Mamalee Malaysian Delight and came here after.


They have 5 types of Ice cream:

  • The Classic – crushed graham crackers, sweetened condensed milk, and a freshly baked butter cookie
  • Honey720 – Rich honey drizzle and golden honeycomb
  • S’Mores Please – chocolate corn flakes, dark chocolate drizzle, crunchy almond stick and a toasted marshmallow
  • The Milky Way – crushed walnuts, light caramel drizzle, espresso grass jelly, and a crunchy almond cookie
  • Cloud Nine – crunchy almond stick, cotton candy popcorn, and a dreamy fluffy cotton candy.

All of the are $5.95, which is a pretty good price.


M and I got the S’mores Please and the The Milky Way. The steam coming up from the bottom of the cup is a mixture of dry ice and hot water that creates the beautiful steam. The ice cream sits on top of a separate cup, so they never touch each other.

Both ice creams were put together so beautifully. You really need to take some pictures before you dig in.

S’more Please has a good strong chocolate taste in the ice cream. Probably one of the best I’ve had. Lots of chocolatey good toppings.


The Milky Way was my favourite. The combination of the strong milk tea flavour and the texture of the grass jelly is every asian’s dream. I loved it! I am not a big sweets fan, but I couldn’t stop eating this. Highly recommended.

M and I both agreed that the Milky Way was our favourites.


Overall, the flavours were great and so much fun taking pictures of these beautiful ice cream creations. It’s not just the flavour but the experience of eating these. I’ll be back for sure.

We Rate 720 Sweets:

3278 West Broadway, Vancouver


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  1. Nosh and Nibble November 3, 2015 at 9:40 pm

    It’s funny reading some comments on places like Yelp where someone said “Dry ice idea is stole from another shop in Korea called Bastille.”

    If I could just poof into Korea whenever I felt like seeing some cool dry ice evaporation, I totally would. Until then, I’m glad 720 Sweets exists

    • Diana November 3, 2015 at 9:43 pm

      I asked the owners where they got the idea and they said they saw a booth from the Richmond Night Market use dry ice for dessert and thought it was a great idea. hahaha.

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