$2 burgers at SFU Highland Pub

Diana Chan March 18, 2011 Event, North Burnaby, Pub/Bar

Yesterday was an epic night at SFU during St. Patricks Day. The Student Marketing Association was hosting their pub night and since I’ve never been there for St. Pattys day, I thought it would be a good idea to go. Plus, peer pressure!

I was really hoping there would be food because we were starving! We were super hungry and that was the only thing on our minds. My friends and I were in meetings/classes the entire day.

It was packed by people who were wearing green… LOTS of green and funky green hats…painted faces…GREEN GREEN GREEN.

The pub is still in it’s 2nd phase of renovations, so only the lower level is complete. It still look super amazing!

On Thursdays, they offer $2 burger… there is a minimum order of 3 burgers per table. So, since we were so hungry we got 3 each. We were expecting small white castle burgers, but we were blown away by full sized burgers for $2.

If you only want one burger, grab a few friends and split 3 burgers.

The burger has mayo, cheese and patty. No vegetables at all, if you are a man, you will love this! I’m not a guy but I loved it because I was so hungry. The quality of the burgers were not bad either, better than a Mcdonalds cheese burger! The best part of it was the cheese! Its not the crappy kraft slices, this was real cheddar cheese! Every bite you would get would have a mouth full of ooey gooey cheese with the savory taste from the burger.

Since it was St. Patricks day, no visit can be done without a pitcher of green beer. It was not vibrant green but more of a seaweed green. Kinda creepy, but it did taste like normal beer…but with food coloring.

A pitcher was $10, so it was not too bad at all.

They had some crazy amazing deals like $3 high balls, and  $2.75 tequila. Clearly some people had a bit too much and all over the place. If you were wondering, I was not one of those people. Green beer all the way!

Some people have wondered, does drinking green beer turn your pee green. If you have 3 pints which I had, you shouldn’t have that problem. If you  drink a few pitchers you may have the green pee issue.


8888 Unversity High St
Burnaby, BC


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